Hong En Mainland

Chapter 70

Chapter 70

"Hurry them in."

For nearly a month, no news of Yin's village was heard, and Zhao Xiaobao was anxious to know.

Yin Qi was still acute, rushing in first, Bai Juanjue was slightly slower.

"Why is your kid here? How are Yinjiacun and Wuwei City, how is Grandpa Yin? That ... Little leaves are all right? Are you all right?"

Zhao Xiaobao asked several questions in one breath.

Yin Qi also replied in one breath: "Vice dean Yin Mo sent him to work as a follower; both the village and Wuwei City are fine; Grandpa Yin still can't rest, he always takes a sick job, others can't control him, so Yin Ye can coax him to take a break; Yin Ye is fine; everyone is fine. "

Tianlong and Bai Juanjuan stood aside, watching Zhao Xiaobao and Yin Qi talk to you.

In a blink of an eye, another week passed, and Tianlong and Bai Juanju's men kept inquiring about the news, but they still had no information.

There is no effective way to treat condemnation; where the people of the Nan Rong family are still unknown.

But got two messages:

1. Some people from unknown sources appeared nearby, staring secretly, with unknown motivation.

2. The owner of Huangyan City announced that a competition was recently held and the prize was a big reward.

What is Dahuandan? Is it precious? Zhao Xiaobao asked Master Tianlong.

Master Tianlong looked depressed, and the grand leader of Tiansha League, didn't know that Da Dan also returned?

Master Tianlong explained with patience: "Da Huan Dan, but Huang Jie's best elixir, is extremely valuable. Ordinary people can extend their lives if they take it; those who are seriously injured can save their lives if they have a breath. It ’s a great prize as a prize. "

After speaking, Master Tianlong's face also showed a heartbeat expression.

"Are there any conditions for registration?"

"No, anyone who wants to sign up can sign up."

"That being the case, let's sign up."

When I arrived at the registration office, there was a crowd of people who seemed to be able to walk in the city.

Yin Qi is an acute child. Just when he wanted to squeeze in from a small number of people to give everyone a name, he was squeezed by a fat woman. The fat woman was still shouting, "If you want to eat tofu, don't lose some blood." Send a Qiubo, almost kissed.

Feeling that this fat woman came to register is false, taking the opportunity to eat tofu is true. No wonder that there are relatively few people.

Yin Qi is now goosebumps and blushing. Where has the simple boy seen this scene?

Yin Qi was annoyed, and made a series of attacks. He grabbed the fat woman, dragged it to the left, and threw it away. He just used the fat woman to launch a passage, which was a lot closer to the registration point.

But only to a certain extent, the crowd gathered around them, like copper walls and iron walls, relying on fat women can no longer advance.

Yin Qi shoved and threw the fat woman out.

The fat woman can finally get rid of Yin Qi's "devil's palm", yell "Ghost!", And then roll away like a snowball.

It seems that although the fat woman was pushed around, she was not hurt.

Zhao Xiaobao is an expert in serial strikes. It is gratifying to see that Yin Qi has mastered serial strikes to such an extent within such a short period of time.

I'm glad that I still have to wait in line. There are a lot of these people in front, and their strength is good.

"Let's go back." Zhao Xiaobao looked at the situation and estimated that he might not be able to wait until the next day, so he decided to go back first.

"Young people, perseverance in doing things is the most important thing." At this time, a sweaty old man lined up in a row reminded.

"Thank you! Take care of your elderly people. See you on the stage!" After that, Zhao Xiaobao and his party left.

"Blowing bragging. Good time is wasted in children's love." The old man whispered when he saw Zhao Xiaobao leaving with Bai Juanjue, a little envious look in his eyes.

Back at Zuixiange, Zhao Xiaobao smiled and asked, "Master Tianlong, hold a few places in private, is it okay?"

Master Tianlong hastened to say that there is no problem, and the abbot can arrange it immediately, just don't know how many places are needed.

Zhao Xiaobao nodded slightly, thinking that the wealthy abbot had some skill. As for this quota? Ten is enough, anyway, it's a big deal, but not a fight.

Listen, Master Tianlong went out to arrange.

"Bai Juanjuan, you are ready, you can participate in the competition, and go through the exercises." Taking over the towel handed over by Bai Juanjuan, Zhao Xiaobao said smoothly.

In fact, Zhao Xiaobao knew that with Bai Juanjuan's martial arts practice, he went soy sauce.

"Well. I will definitely return with a good grade." After that, Bai Juanju went to cook.

Not to mention, the tomato and egg knife noodles made by Bai Juanjuan are very appetizing for Zhao Xiaobao, and Zhao Xiaobao is well-organized in life. Many things need not be ordered, and Bai Juanjuan can properly arrange them, saving Zhao Xiaobao many things.

Next, Zhao Xiaobao talked with Yin Qi for a while about the use of serial strikes. Yin Qi also had an ingenious heart, which was easy to understand and reached a new level in a short time.

It didn't take long for Master Tianlong to return, saying that everything was arranged.

Immediately afterwards, Bai Juanjuan brought in people carrying meals and pasta. As for the hostess, Bai Juanjuan has long been driven into the cold palace to chop firewood. Of course, it is also related to Zhao Xiaobao's acquiescence.

Zhao Xiaobao was in a good mood. He ate five bowls of noodles in one breath, and Yin Qi ate three bowls.

Master Tianlong is a wine and meat monk who eats the wind and the wind, and there is no style that a master should have. Bai Juanjuan looks like a ladylike girl, eating with a small sip, as to whether to open a small stove in private, then I don't know.

After a good meal, Zhao Xiaobao's eyes were cold, and he said, "I'm full, and it's time to solve some trouble."

(End of this chapter)