Hong En Mainland

Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Solve trouble?

Yin Qi and Bai Juan Juan were confused.

"I don't like being stared every day, and I can't even figure out why. Not to mention that people in the dark are generally not good at coming."

"It's easy to say that the leader of the alliance has spoken, and his subordinates naturally know how to do it. Wait a moment."

"Live!" Zhao Xiaobao added again.

I used to think that you were a sparrow staring secretly at a praying mantis; but unexpectedly, the eagle had locked you in the air long ago.

The four secret whistle stalked for several days, collecting information continuously, and could not help being proud.

What peerless Tianlong, what Tianlong Temple, all have a vanity, they do not know if they have been followed.

What a dangerous person Zhao Xiaobao is, a hairless Deng apprentice, too lazy to line up for a name.

No ghost, no ghosts.

It's not that these four stalkers are arrogant, indeed, because these four people have arrogant capital.

These four people are not low in level, they are all in the 50s and above, and they cooperate very well: they are divided into four corners.

In general, people below level 90 were caught by them and basically didn't run. The only exception was, hey, I didn't say anything, and the four of them were a little embarrassed to think of it.

The tailed four were passing time with bird voices. Anyway, the nearby sparrows are a natural cover.

The eastern whistle of the dark whistle was delayed. The south whistle The dark whistle The dark whistle stared in the direction of the east. Not good, people were gone.

This is not normal. Even if you leave, you will usually be notified in advance.

not good!

The dark whistle of the south direction suddenly became tense. Arrogance returns to arrogance, arrogance does not mean no level, arrogance does not mean that he does not know the prestige of Tianlong.

The dark whistle in the south direction just wanted to warn, and found that the eastern whistle came to him.

No rules at all!

The dark whistle in the south direction just wanted to complain a few words, but found that the situation was wrong, and the hair on his body instantly treeed up: Master Tianlong was actually behind the dark whistle in the east. Electricity lost his ability to move.

The conditions of the dark whistle in the remaining two positions are similar, and they are easily resolved by Master Tianlong.

The golden signboard that stared at the gold combination was broken by the hands of Master Tianlong.

The strength of stalking the golden combination is enough! However, this time he met Tianlong, Tiansha League perimeter escort camp, former guardian Tianlong, staring and anti-tattling experts.

In the basement of Zuixiange, the four-person group staring at the golden group woke up almost at the same time.

Soon they discovered that there were only four of them in the back room.

No bondage, no guarding, and some just despise the four of them.

"His grandma has a leg, who doesn't look down on? Really afraid we can't run?" A tail complained.

So they discussed whether to dig the tunnel or pretend to hang out or plan a scam to trick the door open.

They agreed that being captured by Tianlong was entirely due to their own care.

"Squeak ~" A staring door unintentionally pulled the door open.

The four stared at the door instead of daring to go out, as if a vicious dog was guarding the door.

Objectively speaking, the fourth person's sixth sense is good, and it is indeed dangerous outside the door.

But not a bad dog, Master Tianlong, and Zhao Xiaobao.

When they heard the noise, they came over. To prevent accidents, Tianlong insisted on walking in the advanced house in front.

"Say, who sent you here. I have no patience." Zhao Xiaobao came here first after entering.

"I don't know what you said? Somehow grabbed us, what on earth are you trying to do?" A tail said with a stiff neck and seemed to be ready to resist.

"You? I admit that you are all alive? You worked hard and stared at us in the dark for several days. Don't tell me, you are worried about my safety, to protect it secretly."

"This ......... Zhao Cun, we are indeed entrusted!"

"Oh? Who's entrusted?" Zhao Xiaobao didn't believe the other person at all, because among the people he knew, he could call those who did not talk to him, and none of them.

"At this time, the matter is very important, and I can only speak to the head of Zhao Cun."

"Oh, interesting! But Master Tianlong is not an outsider, anyway!"

Master Tianlong just wanted to avoid, and he felt warm when he heard Zhao Xiaobao's words. Probably the person is old, Ronghua Fugui these things have not much appeal, but some warm words can move him more.

"Then Zhao village chief asked to speak further, it is about a little girl in Yinjiacun, it seems to be called" Ye ". I am afraid there is a disaster."


Yin's village is called "Ye", isn't that Yin Ye?

Listening to it, Zhao Xiaobao approached a few steps subconsciously, his eyes turned red.

What is the relationship between tailing and Yin Ye? In fact, it's just the stalking of the golden combination. At this point, Zhao Xiaobao had completely lost his mind and would not judge at all. Now he has only one idea in his mind, and the injured Yin Ye is dead! Even if it is thousands of miles away, cholera is everywhere.

At the same time, the light in the corner of Wuji ’s ancestors sighed, "Hey, after all, you lost power, or you let the magic happen! I do n’t know if it is a blessing or a disaster!"

Soon, the space was calm again.

Master Tianlong has been practicing the right way and is very sensitive to magic.

At this moment, looking at Zhao Xiaobao, which is constantly showing his magical feelings, Master Tianlong was very worried and didn't know what to do for a while.

Tiansha League leaders have such a strong magic? This completely subverts the world view of Master Tianlong.

At this moment, the tracking group of four acted at the same time, a flashing body formed a quadrangular formation, and Zhao Xiaobao was firmly locked in his eyes.

"Leap front?"

Master Tianlong reacted from the trance, recognized this formation, and then looked at the movements of the four people, and said in his heart, "It's over!"

(End of this chapter)