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Chapter 72 Mad Mad Zhao Xiaobao

Chapter 72 Mad Mad Zhao Xiaobao

In a burst, everyone in the array is temporarily interconnected to jointly defend against damage. Under special circumstances, it can cause everyone in the array to self-explode. It is a deadly formation that is particularly suitable for hostage taking.

Moreover, judging by the movements and positions of the four people, this array of tactics has been used to the extreme. What is even more vicious is that everyone points at Zhao Xiaobao at a close distance and can kill Zhao Xiaobao dozens of times in an instant.

Master Tianlong is confident that he can force this explosive team, but also understands that he can absolutely not prevent him from exploding or playing underhand.

What's more, Zhao Xiaobao is obviously on the verge of running away.

At this moment, Master Tianlong was so regretful that he was so careless. In the clenched fist, the nail was deeply inserted into the palm, and my heart hurt more. I could feel that the blood could no longer flow into the heart, because there was remorse and anger.

The pride of the top metal peerless master suddenly collapsed. If Zhao Xiaobao had an accident, I am afraid that Master Tianlong would die with guilt.

"What's wrong with Yin Ye?" A dull sound coming from the ground came out of Zhao Xiaobao's throat. It was soaky in the dim basement. Listen carefully, but there are echoes, long and sharp.

"Boy, scare me!" A secret whistle was frightened, and his hand was about to hit someone.

Zhao Xiaobao's red eyes became redder, and the blood-red-blooded one caught the hand that was about to hit as soon as he reached out, completely ignoring the threats of others.

Others, if they wanted to threaten, could not threaten Zhao Xiaobao.

At the moment of contact, Wan Jiyuan's mental method started automatically, devouring energy frantically, and the connected four-man group of four was immediately drained of energy.

Blast burst, broken!

Staring at the group of four, the three collapsed and fell to the ground, one was caught by Zhao Xiaobao, he kept choking, spit white foam in his mouth, and made some painful begs in his throat ...

The other three were interested in helping, but the energy was drained from their bodies, and now they can sit up and be considered a hero.

The next scene made them completely crazy:

I saw the arrested stalker, fainted in pain, and was awakened by a thunderbolt. His body was shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye, and blood-yellow oil leaked from the pores ...

In the end, he actually used his other hand that could move, penetrated his thin chest cavity, broke the heart, and just rushed to death!

In the end, he died, but the process was a bit long.

After breaking the heart, the powerful thunder current still stimulated him, stimulated his potential, and held him a breath.

At this moment, there were no tears in his eyes, and all the complex expressions of remorse, despair, pain, fear, and begging were revealed ...

In a word, if there is a regret medicine, he must be willing to trade it for a lifetime.

"Say, I don't have much patience!" Zhao Xiaobao threw out the skinny family of stalking people and turned to the remaining three.

After listening to this sentence, those who trousers, farts, and the rest of the stalkers are ugly.

"I said ..." A follower collapsed.

Zhao Xiaobao stared at him with red eyes.

"We don't know that girl at all, all lie to you ..."

Before he finished speaking, he was sucked in by a strong current, and repeated the experience of watching people just now.

If you have to say something different, you can only say that Zhao Xiaobao has become more proficient this time, and the pain of watching people has become more inhuman.

After doing this, Zhao Xiaobao turned his head to look at the remaining two followers.

The two looked at each other, nodded, and performed the same actions: gnashing their teeth, spitting black blood, and falling backwards.

The two died very quickly, and the poison in their teeth attacked very quickly. Compared to the first two, these two are considered dead.

Is it dead? In the past, Zhao Xiaobao examined the bodies of the next two people. Although no identity information was left, they found that they were in excellent physical condition and had calluses on their hands. Together with their highly consistent actions, the conclusion was easily reached: Or the army is more likely. After all, the people in the army act more consistently.

"You Tianlong Temple, can you go beyond it?" Zhao Xiaobao's eyes were no longer blood red at this time, and he had gradually returned to normal.

"Yes ~" Tianlong had not hesitated from the shock just now, and his voice was a little hesitant. What he just shocked him was too strong:

The leader of the Tiansha League, the mentality used is not "The Heaven and Earth Qiankun Jue", but a very overbearing mindset, and the overbearing mindset.

In just a few days, Zhao Xiaobao's strength has taken a big step forward. Although the strength has improved greatly, the team has made even greater progress, which shows that:

Tiansha League finally appeared a fierce and fierce leader!

Master Tianlong couldn't think much about it, Zhao Xiaobao threw out another sentence: "The rubbish has been dragged away and burned! Also, some people in the temple understand" The Curse of Suffering "," The Curse of the Heart ", these?"

"Yes." Although Master Tianlong is a wine and meat monk, he has always been a layman in Confucian classics, but he also understands that those verses are definitely not excessive.

"Hurry up, arrange to come and see me." After that, Zhao Xiaobao turned and left.

Tian Long told his confidant to go down and work quickly, and then hurried to see Zhao Xiaobao.

As soon as he entered the house, Master Tianlong saw Zhao Xiaobao with a black face sitting next to him, Yin Qi and Bai Juan Juan, now nervous, and the atmosphere did not dare to sip.

(End of this chapter)