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Chapter 240: The Strange Place in the Unknown Realm

Chapter 240: The Strange Place in the Unknown Realm

Integrating with ghosts is a wonderful experience.

After overlapping with Snow Boy, Shiraishi's eyes have naturally obtained the visual effects of ghosts, and you can easily see the world's sorrow, extraordinary things, etc.-

Some of these visual effects have never been experienced by Tianyantong.

In ghost vision, the world is unpredictable and weird, full of ridiculous and unpredictable perceptions everywhere.

Especially for the detection of living organisms.

Life in the eyes of ghosts has no appearance, but a group of strangely colored aggregates.

Shiraishi can roughly judge some of them based on his own understanding.

The red color that represents vitality, the black color that represents yin, and the colorfulness represent the colors of various emotional energy.

Depending on the proportion of colors, the attraction to ghosts is also different ...

These colors make up a complete life.

Is this vision of ghosts?

Buddha said: look at the world from another angle.

Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong can reach many perspectives that ordinary people can't use, so that Bai Shixiu's research progress soars, and knowledge and verification of knowledge is more convenient.

At this moment, the vision of the ghost has changed.

Bai Shixiu seemed to have countless lights flashing one by one, and the magical light flashed one by one. Many of the problems that once had some tangles were easily understood.

Instant understanding of the past.

Shiraishi heard Abe's careful questioning.

"Heart Master, are you okay?"

Um, these days, Shiraishi is thinking every day at Harumi Shrine, and Abe Harumi is surprised at his epiphany.

Could the epiphany of the sage monk be called epiphany?

This is called eating. Three meals a day is not enough. Counting morning tea, afternoon tea and supper, you have to add a meal.

If it weren't for the snow boy who couldn't stand it, Abe Qingming would not disturb Shiraishi.

"Well, I figured something out a little, it was the little monk."

Shiraishi turned back and smiled at Abe Haruaki.

In the recent comprehension, Shiraishi's biggest achievement was Tianyantong.

This supernatural power is a supernatural power originally realized by Shiraishi. It is widely used and highly practical, but it still has certain limitations.

Not only in distance, currently only Mars is visible.

For the unknown, the entrance to this other space, Tianyantong also has no way.

However, just after the epiphany, Shiraishi's Tianyantong evolved!

Copying Xuetong's ghost vision directly, Shiraishi can use Tianyantong anytime, anywhere, and truly observe the unknown.

This change really pleased Shiraishi.

However, Shiraishi is thinking about deeper issues.

Why did Tianyantong evolve only after using ghost vision once?

The answer came almost instantly from Shiraishi's mind.

Tianyan Tong already possessed this ability.

Yes, as a Buddhist monk.

My Buddha's heavenly eyes can see the six beings in the sky and the earth, and the 3,000 worlds are wonderful ...

Obviously, the vision of ghosts is also included.

Although Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong can't be compared with my Buddha, as a Buddhist supernatural power, he has this ability.

Only Shiraishi was unfamiliar and unable to exert these powers.

Like the vision of a ghost.

I have never experienced it before. How can I comprehend it without any kind of bypass?

However, when Shiraishi experienced it once, he really watched the world from the perspective of a ghost.

This naturally activates this ability hidden in Tianyantong.

So, does Tianyantong have other unawakened powers?

Are other supernatural powers, such as Divine Foot, also unawakened because Shiraishi has never experienced it?

This brings a lot of ideas to Shiraishi.

It can be used to test and strengthen several supernatural powers that have been learned, and to develop new supernatural powers.

Unfortunately, at present Shiraishi's focus is on the unknown.

So let's think about one or two thoughts, how to test magical powers.

With her own spirit body, she looks at the unknown side.

The technique of blending with ghosts and spirits is easy to use, but it will cause a certain burden on the ghosts.

Shiraishi can feel that Snow Boy is almost unable to hold on.

Before the snow boy reached his limit, Shiraishi began to try to enter the unknown.

The entrance to the unknown realm looks like a crack that emerges out of thin air under the vision of ghosts. It is long and narrow, and it does not look like it can pass at all.

However, when Shiraishi reached out and touched the gap ...

It can be clearly seen that his hands have become smaller!

To be precise, it is not the overall shrinkage, but as the gap approaches, Shiraishi can clearly see that his palms become flat.

As if from a three-dimensional palm into a piece of paper.

However, Shiraishi's body has not changed in any way, and he doesn't feel that his palms have become paper.

Subconsciously, Shiraishi pulled back his hand.

I saw the palm quickly changed back to the original appearance, it seems that everything just happened never happened.

It was funny, Shiraishi could not help but try again and again.

Until Snow Boy couldn't hold on anymore, he spoke hard.

"Sage monk, I can't hold on ... you go in quickly ..."


Shiraishi shuddered to answer, glanced at the unknown state with nostalgia.

He could feel that this unique way of entry contained some mystery.

If cracked, it can bring considerable progress to the research ...

It's just that Snow Boy couldn't hold on, it seems that he can only wait for the next time.

No longer hesitating, Shiraishi walked directly to the unknown rift.

As he moved forward, his body became flat quickly, like a piece of paper, squeezed into a very thin gap.

This process did not directly touch the entrance of the unknown crack.

What happens when we touch this crack?

Is the flesh torn directly, just like in a space crack?

Shiraishi wants to try it.

It is a pity that it has successfully passed through the unknown rift and entered the unknown realm——

Previously, Shiraishi had thought about the unknown.

Imagine, what exactly is inside the unknown?

According to known information, once daylight arrives, all ghosts around the world will come in through the entrance and avoid the unknown ...

Is the interior of the ghost field full of ghosts?

Is it a world full of anger and resentment, suitable for ghosts?

Or is it a two-dimensional world of paper, depending on the way you enter? Low-latitude world?


After entering the unknown, Snow Boy released the fusion with Bai Shixiu for the first time and collapsed there.

Leaving Shiraishi standing on the spot, looked at everything in shock.

The unknown is gray everywhere, not white or black.

There is no sun, no moon, no stars, no light and darkness, but you can clearly see the surroundings.

Here, the sense of direction fails.

There are no directions such as front, back, left, up, down, etc.

Snow Boy collapsed on the "ground", Shiraishi walked with a thought.

It seems that standing in place without moving, but the direction of standing has been turned ninety degrees, parallel to the snow boy—

In Shiraishi's current perspective, the "fallen down" snow boy is "standing."

In other words ...

The description in the chat with the god group is generally the same.

This is a world with no direction, no light and dark, no matter, similar to space, but completely different.

In addition, since the material in the god group chat comes from some ghosts and gods, it comes from their short experience before they become ghosts.

They were ghosts at the time, and they didn't need to breathe, so there was less experience.

Bai Shixiu is not the case. It is a living life that requires breathing.

When Shiraishi breathes--

He found that, unlike in reality, there was no air present.

Breathing is only a habitual movement. Even if Shiraishi stops breathing, he doesn't have any feeling of suffocation or hypoxia.

"this world……"

Entering the unknown for the first time, Shiraishi was frowning.

This is completely different from what he imagined.

Various experiences even made Shiraishi think of one thing ...

This unknown state ...

Why did you meet the night demon you saw in Shiraishi ...

So similar to the void space in its body, or even the appendix space in Shiraishi's body?

Many of their characteristics are surprisingly consistent!

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