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Chapter 241 Unexpected Research

Chapter 241 Unexpected Research

The night demon in Hokkaido is the strangest monster that Shiraishi has ever seen.

It has a very rare "space" talent, and there is a space in the body that has no direction, no light and darkness, no substance, no breathing, and no senses!

This space is called "empty space".

Shiraishi researched and analyzed void space at the time.

And engraving its basic texture on its appendix, forming a similar "appendix space".

It was just that Shiraishi did not notice ...

Nothingness, appendix space and unknown realm are so similar in nature!

This degree of similarity is beyond the scope of coincidence.

Shiraishi thought of a possibility--

No, the unknown state is some existing body space, right?

However, if the unknown state is an existing body space, there will be many unreasonable places-

First, the size of the body space is limited.

The night space of the night demon is a cube 500 meters long.

Shiraishi's appendix space is a cylindrical space of eight kilometers in length and five hundred meters in diameter.

It is estimated that this difference occurs because of the different mana units.

What about the unknown?

Bai Shixiu chose a direction casually, and used Tianyantong to look far away, and could not see the existence of the border.

In other words, the radius of the unknown is at least more than 60 million kilometers from Earth to Mars!

Such an endless world, if it is the inner space of a monster ...

How many mana should this monster possess?

In addition, the internal space is quite private, and it is difficult to enter it violently by external means without permission.

The unknown is not the case.

The entrance is open at any time, and all ghosts in the world are welcome to come in and out anytime ...

If this is a monster's body space, will it allow so many ghosts to come in and out of their body at will?

Moreover, the entrance to the unknown is spread all over the world.

According to the previous Shiraishi test test: "When the appendix space absorbs foreign objects, it cannot be too far away from the body" ...

If this is the internal space of a monster, then the monster should be as large as the earth and envelope the earth's surface.

There is probably only one monster that can meet these conditions at the same time.

That's right, it's you, Earth Monster!

"Master Zhengzheng ... what are you laughing at ..."

In the unknown territory without color, the snow boy recovered slightly and sat up.

Seeing a smile on the side of Shiraishi suddenly, it adjusted his posture to coincide with the direction in which Shiraishi was standing, so he asked curiously.

Hearing the question of Snow Boy, Shiraishi waved his hand.

"Think of something funny."

Yes, this conclusion makes Shiraishi dumbfounded.

Earth monster?

This is impossible.

Because Shiraishi had verified this thing more than two years ago.

At that time, Shiraishi had just awakened Tianyantong, and the range of Tianyan could be seen through the earth.

In order to take care of the privacy of others, Shiraishi did not use Tianyantong's perspective ability to watch at will, but wanted to test this ability.

So, the target was placed on the earth underneath.

At that time, Shiraishi Xiu used his eyes to see the depths of the earth more than once.

With a little curiosity, I want to know if there is an underground person and an underground world ...

But there isn't. Except for various minerals, the inside of the earth is rock, just like what is described in textbooks.

How could a common earth like this be a monster?

Not talking about materials-

Even flowers and plants, even lifeless brooms and wooden fish can become monsters.

As the earth is a big clod, it is not impossible to become a demon.

However, if the earth is a monster, Shiraishi would not have seen even a little monster, and could not have been unaware.

In addition, the existence of monsters will cause oppression in the surrounding life.

For example, the 10,000-year-old pine demon king, if the body appears in the city, then humans and animals with a radius of one kilometer will be affected by the demon, and the liver and gallbladder will die.

Called a natural disaster walking.

If the earth becomes a demon, none of the life living on its surface will survive, all affected by the demon, and heading for death!

So this possibility was ruled out.

Shiraishi thinks a lot, but still has no reasonable guesses about the true colors of the unknown.

After all, most of the current intelligence is based on speculation, which is slightly inadequate.

Shiraishi needs further investigation and testing of the unknown.

The way of probing is simple.

Even within the unknown, Shiraishi's Tianyantong did not fail.

Although you cannot see the borders of the unknown realm, you cannot see the world on the other side through the entrance of the unknown realm ...

However, it can greatly expand Shiraishi's field of vision and improve the efficiency of exploration.

At this point, Shiraishi is still very confident.

Temporarily discontinue other distraction studies.

Focus on Tianyantong to form hundreds of Tianyantong visions, and look in all directions.

Up and down, left and right, front and back, left front right front ...

Shiraishi performed a basic investigation into the unknown.

During this process, though, nothing was seen.

Shiraishi sees all kinds of strange ghosts--

There are weird humans with eyes all over them; there are women who look the same as ordinary people, but whose mouths are cracked to the ears; there are dogs with a little girl face; there are ghost fires like green flames ...

These are ghosts all over the world.

Part of the world outside the unknown is in daylight.

In the daytime, these ghosts hid in the unknown by virtue of their instincts.

Will not appear on the earth in a weak state.

Then again, why do ghosts have this instinct?

Why not go deep into the ground, but actively enter the fissures in different spaces?

In addition to these ghosts, Shiraishi can also see scattered around, like the entrance and exit of space cracks.

They are irregularly scattered in every corner of the unknown, and they don't know which corner to the earth.

Having said that, the orientation of the crack entrance inside the unknown ...

Does it correspond to the position in reality?

If the locations correspond, are there actually locations of these fissure entrances in space?

Moreover, if a part of the fissure entrance is located on the moon, or even other planets in the solar system such as Mars ...

Is it possible to use the unknown as a transit station?

Entering the unknown from Earth and coming out of the moon?

This significance is not just about landing on the moon.

Not only does the Moon have many rare resources available for exploitation, at the same time, the speed of moon colonization and development will also greatly increase the speed of modern technology.

It has a considerable degree of practical significance!

Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong continues to extend outwards and observe.

His thoughts have also been continuously extended, and wonderful ideas and thoughts have sprung up.

Some of these ideas just flashed.

Some were written down by Shiraishi and reserved for future research topics.

Just when Shiraishi enjoyed this frenzy of thought.

Suddenly everything was still.

It wasn't static, but Shiraishi noticed one thing. The thinking was concentrated instantly, and the speed of thinking was too fast, leading to relative static.

On the trajectory of Tianyantong on the 189th minute, Shiraishi saw the house.

Yes, a huge white building that looks completely different from the surroundings and looks like a research institute!

Based on the current observations of ghosts and gods, and Shiraishi.

The unknown state should be free of any substance ...

How could there be an institute?

(End of this chapter)