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Chapter 242 The Monk Surely Does Not Appear (I'm Sure)

Chapter 242 The Monk Surely Does Not Appear (I'm Sure)

Unknown realm is attached to the shallow mysterious space of this world.

Because of its mysterious properties, the gods called it "the unknown."

However, this "unknown state" is not completely unknown to some beings.

For example, Huang Quan.

As an aggregate of hundreds of ghosts, the ghost king for thousands of years can not only enter and leave the unknown at will, but also conduct long-term exploration and research.

This kind of research can only be carried out by the ghost king.

In other cases, even ghosts and gods cannot freely enter and exit the unknown.

With his own advantages, Huang Quan conducted a preliminary study of the unknown.

While trying to gain control of it, he developed methods to allow monsters and ghosts to sneak into the unknown.

This is a huge breakthrough!

Although it can only be applied to monsters ...

However, this is enough.

You know, some monsters are gifted with space!

They are often born with unique spatial talents, and they form a space in their bodies, which is extremely rare and weird. The night incarnation of Daxueshan was one of them.

The mountain demon of Shikoku Island is also a monster with space talent.

The demon is just like its name. The body of the mountain demon is a mountain peak.

Turned into a monster more than a thousand years ago, not only the body is strong, but also has a huge body space ...

Later, the mountain demon was subdued and changed its name to Yamauchi.

It can swallow external things into the abdomen, and after the body casts a hex into the unknown, it spit them out.

This kind of matryoshka operation similar to the space bag inside the space bag can make ordinary people, even inanimate substances, be brought into the unknown.

With this ability, Huang Quan and his collaborators successfully built a huge research institute in an unknown territory.

A safe house that will never be discovered by outside monks, clergymen, and even gods.

They can use this safe house to complete some research that is relatively dynamic, without fear of being discovered by the gods.

They even named it here-

Huang Quanjing.

At the moment, Huang Quanjing, Institute.

The area is huge. It is comparable to a small town research institute. One by one, weird monsters, or ordinary people in research clothes walk on foot.

The entire institute looked busy but methodical.

Yesterday, a senior human researcher's research in Susaki caught the monk's attention.

The leader asked Dr. Yamauchi to move to Huangquan with all the things that might cause the monk's eye contact and all the monsters on Shikoku Island.

Although doing so, it will cause the monk to doubt the Shikoku Island ...

——The entire Shikoku Island does not even have a monster, which is too weird.

However, compared with the risk that a monk uses Tianyan Tongshunto to dig up the whole organization from one laboratory to another.

The risk of this little doubt is acceptable.

To carry out the orders of the leader.

When all the monsters pass through the fixed entrance and enter Huangquan Realm.

Dr. Yamanouchi used his own body space to transfer some human researchers and experimental products they were testing to the institute.

At this moment, a huge white storeroom is shifting the interior.

Dr. Yamauchi, with gray hair, crossed the gap in space and reached Huang Quanjing.

I saw him groan for a while, found a more convenient location, opened his mouth, and vomited many people and things.

Ending the vomiting, Dr. Yamauchi took the paper towel handed over by the assistant next to him, wiped the saliva that did not exist, and discarded the paper towel into the assistant's arms.

Speaking of which, I have followed the leader for so many years.

Yamauchi, a millennium monster, was infected with many human habits.

The infectivity of this race is really a bit scary.

"Doctor, is this the last batch?"

"Well, some of the last batch of researchers and experimental products are still in the testing process, brought in advance, it is estimated that it will affect the experimental results ..."

"Wait a minute and remember to ask the recorders to record this part of the interference."

Dr. Yamanouchi nodded and looked at the transfer room in front of him.

I saw in the middle of the open space, one by one, humans in various costumes fell to the ground, and gradually woke up from a coma.

Some of the humans in research clothes know the current situation.

Another part of the experiment was panicked after waking up, somehow.

I saw a young man who looked around when he woke up. He seemed to notice something strange, and some surprises appeared in his eyes.

At this time, a researcher walked over, prepared to do something to him, and saw the young man say.

"No need to explain, I understand, this is the main god space or task space, are you a senior, right?"


He only heard a gunshot, and the needle with the tranquilizer was nailed to the young man. He looked at his belly in disbelief and passed out again.

The researcher scratched his head, dragged his leg, dropped him on the cart, and grinned.

"What main god space? We are kidnapping."

The actions of the researcher caused other experimental objects to panic, and some of the awakened experimental objects saw this scene.

Either yelling, or trying to find a weapon to resist, or trying to call for help, or looking for an exit ...

But all this was in vain, without waiting for their actions lasting a few seconds, with a gunshot, they quickly fell into a coma.

Later, he was orderly carried onto a cart and pushed out of the transfer room.

A fierce monster stood at the door of the transfer room, and each time he passed an experiment, he labeled it differently.

"Type A experiment was taken to the fear chamber and continued the despair project ..."

"Take the J-type experiment to the dissection room and start the dissection experiment directly ..."

"Take the N-type experiment to the remodeling room, and try to transform the species ..."

Everything went well.

After all this, Dr. Yamauchi nodded with satisfaction.

In this way, even if the research is transferred to the institute, the plan will not be interrupted and the completion time will not be delayed.

"Non-evil Thought Reform Law", "Soul Washing Mass Production Law" ...

As soon as these studies yield results, the organization's plan is complete.

No matter how strong the monk has, he cannot stop this turbulent trend!

The monster will stand on top of the world!

"Dr. Yamauchi ..."

When Dr. Yamauchi felt satisfied, the assistant on the side made an untimely voice.

Dr. Yamauchi frowned slightly, then stretched out and looked at his assistant.

"what's up."

"We are hiding in the unknown, will we not be discovered by the monk?"

The assistant seems to have been tangling this problem for a long time, and speaking out at this moment is as happy as pulling ten pounds.

Dr. Yamanouchi also understands the idea of ​​assistants.

It's also a monster, and the monsters are untamed.

Even if you surrender, you often have your own ideas, not simple tools.

However, these ideas are too ridiculous.

"It will never be found."

Dr. Yamanouchi smiled and explained.

"First of all, the" ghost art "that entered Huang Quan's realm is only in the hands of Huang Quan and the organization, and can only be used by monsters and ghosts.

"Even if the monk has mastered the" ghost art ", he cannot enter Huangquan Realm."

"Even if you take a step back and the monk has created a way to enter Huangquan, it is impossible to find us ..."

"Do you know why there is a 'prohibition from leaving the scope of the institute' in the ban in the institute of Huang Quanjing?"

"Not just because you might encounter some powerful ghosts."

"At the same time, because Huang Quanjing is endless, there is no end, no reference object, and no concept of up, down, left, and right directions."

"When you leave too far away, you will completely lose your sense of direction, you will never find your place when you arrive, and you will always be lost in Huangquan."

"At this time, you have only one choice left."

"Find a gap in the space, leave from there, and try your luck."

"If you are lucky, you may appear randomly somewhere on Earth."

"Unlucky, if you go too far."

"You may appear in the hot core of the earth, or in space without protection ... even if you go far enough and have bad luck, you may directly enter the interior of Dainichi!"

"So don't be delusional looking for a way in the unknown."

"It is impossible for a monk to find us."

Dr. Yamauchi said with a smile, feeling relieved.

Huangquanjing is an absolute safe house.

As long as you stay in Huangquan, you don't have to worry about being discovered by a monk.

However, hearing Dr. Yamanouchi's explanation, the assistant did not seem to be relaxed.

It still bothers me.

"Since Huang Quanjing is so invincible, it is absolutely impossible for a monk to find it ..."

"So, why did Huang Quan take the initiative to go to Tokyo and take the initiative to kill the monk in front of him?"

"Isn't it honest to hide in Huangquan?"

Hearing this question from the assistant, Dr. Yamauchi turned black.

"You don't look at it from an ex post angle."

"Did Huang Quan know that the monk was so strong?"

"It doesn't know. In fact, it wasn't until Huang Quan sent us that we knew that the monk had such a terrifying power ..."

"Before, the monk was just a seventeen-year-old boy, Huang Quan felt that he could strangle him in the cradle, is it reasonable?

In a few words, he judged Huang Quan, who had been so cool.

Dr. Yamanouch suddenly noticed something, and glanced deeply at the assistant in front of him.

"What is your identity?"


Because the leader of the organization is human.

Most of the monsters within the organization have become human beings, showing respect and surrender to their leaders.

The assistant is a bit strange, why does Dr. Yamauchi suddenly think of asking himself ...

Obviously, this question has not been asked in the past few years.

However, this is not the point.

The point is, the assistant really feels a little upset.

"So the question is coming, Dr. Yamauchi."

"Just like Huang Quan's idea at that time, the monk has not shown his ability, how do you know that he can't enter Huang Quan?"

"Shut up, you crow!"

(End of this chapter)