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Chapter 243 Must Be My Illusion

Chapter 243 Must Be My Illusion

Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong swept over the talking Dr. Yamauchi and Crow's assistant ...

They didn't stay on them.

Normally, a strange monster whose body is completely made of stone will greatly attract Shiraishi's attention and curiosity.

But now, Shiraishi has no such thoughts.


This institute of white stone slabs is full of sin.

It can almost be called purgatory.

The torture of innocent people is not to ask anything at all, but simply to torture, thereby inspiring the resentment chamber ...

Anatomy room that uses black art and medical anatomy to dissect and study innocent people ...

as well as……

Even if the description of hundreds of thousands of words is omitted, the grievances and sorrows in every corner alone make Shiraishi's heart tremble, his hands and feet cold.

How can it be so cruel?

Is there such a dirty place in the unknown?

As for the origin of this institute, Shiraishi has already got the answer through some conversations with the monsters in the institute.

These monsters may be a little careless, and they don't think they are in another world, they will also be monitored ...

It did give Shiraishi a lot of information.

This research institute in an unknown realm was organized behind the scenes of the Akatsuki Takazo incident that Dahe Yong experienced.

After Bai Shixiu resolved Qiuyue Xiaosan, they immediately organized all the monsters and researchers on Shikoku Island and moved to Huangquan, so as to avoid Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong ...

That's it!

No wonder his Tianyantong glanced over the entire Shikoku Island, but no monster was found.

It turned out that they responded extremely quickly and hid in the unknown at the fastest speed!

If it weren't for Shiraishi's research on the unknown, and found a way to enter ...

I'm afraid they can live another week!


After all, Shiraishi has already begun studying the land reincarnation.

Among them, the unknown is an insurmountable link.

As long as these monsters are hiding in an unknown state, being discovered by Shiraishi is only a matter of time.

Think about it this way, is the monster of Honshu Island hiding in the unknown?

As a result, Shiraishi never found their traces when scanning the entire island of Honshu.

However, the area of ​​the unknown is really quite wide.

Searching doesn't happen overnight.

This discovery is actually full of coincidences when you see the Monster Institute of Shikoku Island.

Bai Shixiu's Tianyantong angle of view is slightly higher, and the results may be very different.

Solve the matter before you talk about it.

Tianyantong locked the monster research institute of Shikoku Island. Shiraishi Hide stretched his body a little and posed a running posture.

Seeing this pose, the Snow Boy hurriedly asked.

"Master Zhengzheng, what are you planning to do?"

"I plan to run."

Shiraishi replied casually while adjusting the angle.

Because there is no material in the unknown territory, the solid-state puppet technique naturally fails, and he cannot use the puppet puppet art that moves at a speed of up to 108 kilometers per hour.

However, with the increase of Shiraishi's physique.

Let go of the shackles and run with all your strength ...

How fast the speed is, Shiraishi is not clear, after all, has not been tested.

In the city, there are all kinds of obstacles such as houses, vehicles, pedestrians, grandmothers, etc. Shiraishi is unable to exert his full strength.

There is no need to worry about this here, you can run freely!

After hearing Shiraishi's answer, Snow Boy hurried.

"That was not what I meant……"

"Master Zhengxin, you need to know that the unknown state cannot recognize the direction, there is no substance to confirm the distance, and there is no distinction between up and down and left and right."

"If you leave this doorway too far and want to return, you must try your luck and randomly find a space crack to leave ..."

"By then, everything is unknown!"

"This is what happened."

Shiraishi smiled.

Although Snow Boy's worries are a bit redundant, this is his kindness.

As for these things in his mouth ...

"If the Snow Boy donor is worried about getting lost in an unknown realm, the little monk intends to place a sign at the entrance and exit of each rift in the future."

"The location of the entrance and exit will be recorded on the signboard, so even if you have no sense of direction, you don't have to worry about getting lost."

"As of now, the little monk has locked this space fissure with Tianyantong. As long as it doesn't exceed the little monk's field of vision, he can easily return. The Snow Boy don't need to worry about this problem."


Snow Boy imagined it as described by Shiraishi.

Each space crack is marked with a corresponding tag:

"Here leads to the XX home. It is forbidden to enter and leave without consent."

"It leads to the XX women's toilet, and only women are allowed to enter and exit through the gap."

"Please note! The Earth ahead is about to leave Earth and enter space, please return to a safe area ..."

Thinking of that picture, Xue Tongzi's expression changed.


Snow boy's fantasy partially overlaps with Shiraishi's idea.

The Unknown Realm is too suitable as a land where the souls inhabit!

Not to mention anything else, just talking about the crevasses all over the earth, it can just be used as the entrance and exit of the land government, drawing the souls of the earth.

However, there are many unknowns.

Until its origin is determined, Shiraishi will not rush to establish a prefecture here.

After soothing Snow Boy, let it wait in place.

Shiraishi pointed in the direction of the institute, and stepped hard-

遁术 (Physical)!

The next moment, Snow Boy found that Shiraishi was rigidly in place, motionless.

This weird situation puzzled Snow Boy.

"Heart Master?"

The words did not fall, Shiraishi's figure gradually faded and disappeared ...

Is this an afterimage?

Xuetong glanced around in stunned eyes, and could not see the figure of Shiraishi at all.

How fast is he?

It's so fast that in the vision of ghosts, all left behind?


Huang Quanjing, Research Institute.

Dr. Yamauchi rubbed his stomach and walked out of the transfer room.

The Raven Assistant is gone.

Was eaten.

This kind of assistant who kept plugging the flags to the doctor, at first glance, had not experienced the beating of the law of the jungle. It was a young monster.

Dr. Yamanouchi ate it directly into his stomach, locked it in the body space for a period of time, and calmed it down.

It was just that when the crow assistant was swallowed, instead of panic, he looked a little surprised--

Something muttered in his mouth: "It should be safe to hide in Dr. Yamauchi's stomach? Dr. Yamauchi's character is so good!"

Oh, you wo n’t be happy if you praise me.

Dr. Yamanouchi rubbed his stomach and walked around the institute to inspect his work.

Because of the sudden transfer, many studies were halted halfway through.

Even if it is transferred to the Huangquanjing Research Institute, it is difficult to continue. It is highly likely that the research will be carried out again.

Fortunately, the previous research materials have been uploaded to the organization's server. By the time of the next research, you can take less detours.

In addition, the technology for mass production of soul-washing beads is almost perfect.

From the beginning, a human soul was extracted, and only one soul-washing bead could be made ...

Now, the research institute can decompose a human's living soul, thereby making multiple soul-washing beads, and improving the transformation efficiency.

The next goal is to change the material of soulwash beads from humans to animals ...

The reason for this is easy to understand-

It's more convenient to make.

After all, compared with human beings, animal souls are more excellent in terms of both research and practical aspects.

Although many monsters within the organization disagree with this theory.

However, they cannot deny that the world is dominated by humans after all.

It would be too big to kill humans.

Thinking about this, Dr. Yamauchi walked through the laboratories, still a little restless.

Blame the Raven Assistant, talking wildly ...

Dr. Yamauchi was a little nervous.

Forget it, take a rest.

Toward the exit of the Soul Cutting Lab, Dr. Yamauchi planned to take a break.

Opening the door, I saw a monk with an open head standing at the door and smiled.

"Shi ..."


Dr. Yamanouch closed the door again.

(End of this chapter)