I am a monk in Tokyo,

Chapter 244: End of Death Is Reincarnation

Chapter 244: End of Death Is Reincarnation

Opening the door unguarded, he saw the monk.

This kind of thing made Dr. Yamauchi understand for the first time the feeling of horror films in human society, even after closing the door, still shocked.

How could a monk appear silently in Huangquanjing!

Not even a little breath appeared inside the institute, just standing outside the door!

According to the research of the organization, the size and distance of Huangquanjing are the same as reality. Walking one meter in Huangquanjing is about one meter in reality.

If it weren't for Huang Quan, there would be no substance.

The organization even suspects that Huang Quanjing is a mirrored world of reality.

According to this calculation method, the monk entered Huangquanjing from Tokyo, and then came to the institute to run for nearly a thousand kilometers!

how can that be? Don't you get lost?

Dr. Yamanouch thought of a terrible possibility.

The monk has found the entrance to the institute in reality and entered Huangquan from the reality.

In this way, you can understand why the monk suddenly appeared ...


Many thoughts flashed through his mind, and Dr. Yamauchi suddenly noticed.

It's been a few minutes.

He was frightened, and the door was closed. He had n’t decided yet. It had been two or three minutes, but the outside monk did n’t break in or knock on the door ...

Is it the third possibility?

Dr. Yamanouchi hesitated, and opened the door tentatively.

The white corridor outside the door was empty and very quiet.

Hear no sorrow or scream.

No board inch, no monk, not even any living creatures pass by.

Suddenly, Dr. Yamauchi breathed a sigh of relief.

No wonder there is no monk breath, no wonder he can ignore the rules of Huang Quanjing and come here ...

It turned out to be just their own illusion.

Probably because of too much fear of this existence, coupled with the crow's assistant's suggestion, led to the birth of a demon in his heart and an illusion.

Dr. Yamanouch smiled at himself, striding towards the outside of the corridor.

At this moment.

A jade-like palm stretched out from the back and rested on Dr. Yamauchi's shoulder.

A gentle voice sounded from behind.

"Don't leave first, the little monk has something to ask you."

Obviously there is no weight in the palm.

Dr. Yamauchi's legs softened, but he fell on his knees.


Time returned a few minutes ago-

Shiraishi galloped all the way, rushed to the institute, but was turned away.

At this moment, though intentionally teaches this mountain demon named Yamauchi what is etiquette.

However, there are more important things.

Shiraishi's Tianyantong can be seen.

In the laboratory behind the mountain demon, there are many living souls trapped by black art.

Several of them turned into humanoid figures, and they were dressed in white coats. They held the blade of the magic weapon in their hands and cut these souls thinly.

And inject resentment, yin, etc. to keep it intact without collapse.

The process was full of pain, the souls screamed and mourned, and gave out a resentful and corrupt voice.

This may not be Huang Quan, but it must be hell.

Shiraishi did not hesitate.

Perform solid-state puppetry, pass through the entrance of the laboratory where the mountain demon is located, through a long corridor from the wall, and enter the interior of the Soul Cutting Lab.

Go through the wall and enter a laboratory where the soul is being cut.

Standing inside it was a sheep-headed person, like a demon monster of the kind described in Western mythology.

He was wearing a white coat, using a scalpel wrapped in black magic current, reaching out to a twisted soul.

Shiraishi walked in through the wall and caught the attention of the sheephead monster.

Its expressions ranged from doubt to panic, to trembling hands ...

He hadn't waited for his legs and feet to kneel to the ground softly.

Bai Shixiu stretched out his gentle palm, patted his forehead, and sent him to board the first bus to Xitian.

There are probably no fewer passengers on this shuttle.

On the way to my Buddha, this sheephead monster will not be lonely.

After finishing the sheep head monster, Shiraishi walked to the operating table formed by the magic circle.

The soul on the operating table was already incomplete, almost half of it was cut and crushed, and the incomplete part was intertwined with anger and resentment.

Sensing the approaching of anger, the dark misty remnant formed a half-cheeked face, making a roaring sound.

What was spoken was poor words.

"Save ... Save ..."

"Don't worry, the little monk will help you out of the sea of ​​suffering."

With pity and compassion in Bai Shixiu's eyes, with the light of a Buddha in his hand, he pressed it against the black mist.

Suddenly, the Buddha light dispelled the black mist, dispelled the anger and resentment entangled with the spirit body, and greatly reduced the pain of the residual soul.

Your face gradually softened.


There was only one time to spit out a syllable, and the spirit body disappeared with the black mist.

The victim's remnant soul is too mutilated.

In addition, the negative energy infection was too severe, and even if Shiraishi solved his yin problem, it would be difficult to help him put it back together.

Remaining in the world will only bring endless suffering to it.

Shiraishi has ended its pain.

He did not hold the mantra, Shiraishi did not have that much time, and there were many dead souls waiting to be rescued.

Strike through the wall!

Bai Shixiu quickly sent all the evil spirits to the train, hoping that I would resolve their sins.

There are also some victims who have been unable to return to heaven. I hope my Buddha can resolve their grievances ...

In the end, there is still a part of Shiraishi who has the ability to rescue, and some undead souls who have not yet undergone cutting operations!

These dead souls, Shiraishi show them all into the appendix space of the body.

In the appendix space, they will quell resentment and anger, reduce pain, not be affected by yin, and enjoy a short period of peace.

Shiraishi plans to wait for the other victims to be rescued before handling them uniformly.

For example, these ghosts.

There is no doubt that they are dead.

The so-called resurrection palm only targets those who are in a state of half-life and half-death.

It is impossible for this dead soul that has died so much to survive.

However, the end of death is not necessarily the end, it may also be reincarnation.

It happens that Shiraishi is currently studying reincarnation.

Shiraishi can try to help them reincarnate and let them have a new life ...

However, Shiraishi's current technology is not perfect.

Whether to experience this imperfect reincarnation technology, or even to help in the development and improvement of reincarnation technology, requires the consent of the ghost.

Shiraishi has no time to discuss with them now.

Put them into the appendix space first, wait for the others to be rescued, and then handle them together.

Shiraishi's movements are fast. After processing the Soul Cutting Lab, the total process takes less than three minutes.

When he returned to the entrance, Dr. Yamauchi had not yet left--

He even just opened the door and was about to go out.

it's fate!

Shiraishi smiled, hurried forward and patted Dr. Yamauchi's shoulder, and stopped him.

"Don't leave first, the little monk has something to ask you."

(End of this chapter)