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Chapter 285: Seeing Li Nuo Again

Chapter 285: Seeing Li Nuo Again

Hongtu noticed Ye Xing's movement, so he speeded up again and even used a wormhole to cross.

But Ye Xing is obviously better at space than he is, so his speed will only be faster.

Fortunately, Ye Xing finally landed on a planet.

After confirming that he didn't leave for a long time, Hong Tu took Ling directly across the wormhole and came to this planet.

But as soon as he landed, he felt a breath near him that made him feel a little familiar.

Not far away, Li Nuo, who was squatting to see Leonix fighting, caught the alarm from the system: "Dangerous people were detected, and now they are launching an urgent task-escape from the villain's red claw.

The breath of the red villain of the evil villain has been detected, and the breath has been shielded by the host. Please do not let the host die, and leave the planet within ten minutes.

Quest rewards: two crosses.

Mission failure: Please ask the host for life safety and system safety, don't fail! !! !! A

Li Nuo: "... recession !!!"

Li Nuo quickly remembered who Hongdu was. Nima, you can come across this!

He turned around and looked around, too late to think, quickly got up, and wanted to leave immediately.

But Hong Tu ’s response was not slow, not to mention the fact that the fighting between the two nearby monsters was so big that it was difficult to find it.

And in this movement, the red tea soon locked the breath of a once-passer who had been seen. Is the breath converged? It doesn't matter, he has found the other party.

Really, fate.

Hongtu showed a very kind smile, brought a burst of black light, and rushed to Li Nuo, watching Liu Tuling timidly disappearing in front of him.

Li Nuo also responded quickly. After realizing that Hongda started chasing after him, he immediately ran back without looking back.

"System, use accelerators!" Li Nuo shouted, and the system began to execute immediately. Three pieces of silver rune paper were torn apart, and three silver runes appeared on top of Li Nuo's head. These runes gradually overlapped, and Li Nuo's own speed has also been greatly improved, which has surpassed that of Red Tea.

Hongtuo, who saw Li Nuo's speed fast, narrowed her eyes, and then stopped chasing.

Forget it, compared to this traversal with its own system, Ye Xing is more important.

So Hong Tu decisively left the runaway Li Nuo and returned to the previous position again.

But ... it appeared to him, but this is a picture: two aliens are clamoring for Ling, and the two monsters who were fighting each other have closed their eyes peacefully, it looks like It was stunned in the past.

The tragic situation of these two monsters was Ling's handwriting.

The petite young girl was impatiently holding up the epee in her hand, and was about to shoot.

"Do you still want to do it?" An alien with a crab head shouted at Ling in a bluff. "Aren't you Leonix? Why should we get involved in our battle?"

"Yes! Why intervene in our battle?" The other alien with a triangular head nodded, "and broke our monster!"

Ling smiled softly at the two aliens, and then slammed out with a merciless sword, smashing both aliens out: "My old lady looked at your monsters and smashed them. I want you to manage ? "

This statement is straightforward, without any guilt, and the wicked and unreasonable wicked man is full of posture.

The two aliens climbed up from the ground, clutching the smashed place, and tremblingly pointed at Ling: "You have the ability to wait here, and we will soon bring new and stronger monsters!"

"Yes, yes, we are not afraid of you, we just didn't bring our strongest monster over!"

Seeing the two aliens are not good enough, Ling took a heavy sword to the ground and beckoned to the two aliens: "My mother is waiting for you here, just these two monsters are not enough Eat and send two more monsters to me for a meal! "

"You ... you wait!"

The two aliens finished their ruthless words, took Ling's unconscious monster back, and hurriedly left here.

Ling Leng hummed, and did not care about the monsters they took away, but put away the epee in his hand.

Hong Tu was born here, and did not ask about the situation of the two aliens, but just greeted Ling: "Ling, leave."

"Oh." Ling immediately converged her arrogant expression and obediently followed Hongtu.

Soon, Hong Tu found Ye Xing, but Ye Xing's situation was a bit complicated here.

Ye Xing's clothes did not change, but she was no longer using the red face, and she did not know if he looked like him, but she looked handsome and looked like a good man.

Of course, the most terrible thing was that he was standing next to a guy who was obviously an Ultraman human body. In the sight of Red Man, this man was enveloped by golden light. The light was very warm and vibrant. Let Hongtu think of Gaia and Aguru who have met before.

This should be Ultraman derived from the light of a certain planet.

Hongtu quickly defined it. He saw this light for the first time, so he looked twice, and finally focused his eyes on Ye Xing.

Ye Xing seemed to be talking to the other party, Hong Tu narrowed her eyes slightly and seemed to hear some subtle words ...

Words like "... hunting ... dark ... help ..." gave Hong Tu a bad hunch.

Sure enough, after realizing that the red tea was chasing, Ye Xing pointed at the red tea with a "panic", hiding behind this human body.

Red tea: "..."

Unknown Altman Human Body: "..."

"It's him!" Ye Xing's panic and false can't look directly, even this Ultraman human body felt a bit of exaggeration, but this Ultraman human body did feel the dark breath in the red man, but This darkness seems strange.

Not evil, but inexplicably silent.

Hongtu narrowed her eyes slightly, revealing a very harmless smile, and said to the human body on the opposite side of the Altman: "Hello, my name is Hongtu. I am looking for the guy behind you, I need to talk to him about something. "

"Are you the Dark Star?" The man raised another question. Obviously, he didn't listen to Ye Xing's words, but he didn't trust Hongda too much. Because the darkness on the red tea does not fake.

"No." Hong Tu looked at the person opposite, "I am from Earth."

He saw that the human body opposite was a human. Although the light obtained was not human, the humans in this universe have rushed out of the universe, so it is nothing to get the light of other planets.

Moreover, this person did not immediately rush to yell and kill because of the dark power on him, which is enough to make him have goodwill.

"Earth?" The man heard the words with a little expression, but soon he calmed down.

"Don't listen to what he said so well now," Ye Xing whispered beside him, "he almost killed an earthling just now."

Red tea: "..."

(End of this chapter)