I did n’t really want to rule the world

Chapter 286: Mu Zhou

Chapter 286: Mu Zhou

This unknown Ultraman human body did not easily believe in Ye Xing's words, but it did not believe in red tea.

This is a very cautious, calm and rational person, but it is true that the good camp. Although he didn't believe either, he still stood in front of Ye Xing and separated the two suspicious guys in case something bad happened before he knew the situation.

Ye Xing knew this traversal and knew that although he would not believe in himself, he could also restrain the red tea, so he did so.

Yes, this person is also a traversal, but a legal traversal is not owned by Ye Xingguan. In fact, Ye Xing would be surprised to see him. After all, he shouldn't be right in this world.

It seems that this time, the problems in this world are a little big.

The confrontation between the three was eventually broken by Ling, to be precise, it was Ling's hungry stomach that broke the deadlock.

I woke up in the morning and didn't eat anything. Instead, I was taken away by Hongtu for a long way, so Ling was really hungry now.

Seeing that all three were attracted by the sound of drumming in their stomachs, Ling Yan smiled, embarrassedly covered his stomach, and tried to reduce his sense of existence: "Sorry, you continue, continue ..."

Three people in red tea: "..."

The red tea was silent for a moment, and he just pulled it. A huge piece of monster meat that had been processed appeared in Ling's body. He said helplessly, "You eat it first."

"Well, now that we don't believe anyone, let's talk about it better, how about it?" After Ling was arranged, Hongtu's sight constantly lingered between Ye Xing and this Ultraman human body.

"My name is Mu Zhou." Mu Zhou's gaze paused on Ling, who was happy to eat meat, but she looked away calmly.

"Ye Xing." Ye Xing also replied, still staying behind Mu Zhou, could not live or die.

Jian Muzhou introduced himself. Although there was only one name, Hong Tu still didn't care, and he didn't go out of the circle. He opened the door and said: "The guy behind you, pretending to have done some very bad things, caused me It ’s a lot of trouble, so I need to talk to him. "

Mu Zhou turned to look at Ye Xing.

Ye Xing took a deep sigh and finally put away the injustice on his face. He looked at Mu Zhou, raised his hand, took out a silver badge, motioned to Mu Zhou, said solemnly: "formally meet, I'm Ye Xing, director of the Space and Time Administration."

Mu Zhou's expression finally changed: "Are you the director of the Space and Time Administration?"

He seemed to know about the Space-Time Administration, so he was slightly relieved of Ye Xing, only to be surprised that the other party was actually the director.

Hong Tu's eyes narrowed for a moment. This person knew the Space-Time Administration and was familiar.

Mu Zhou did know the time and space administrations, and he had dealt with these time and space administrations.

Mu Zhou was originally an ordinary college student. He had an ordinary and warm home and a good girlfriend.

Life was mediocre, but it was also stable, but in the year he and his girlfriend talked about marriage, an accident happened.

The earth on which he lives has suffered an unimaginable blow, the beautiful planet has been destroyed in an instant, and countless souls have stepped into death one after another without struggling.

Mu Zhou is the only surviving creature. He was brought to another world by the inexplicable space-time channel, and then fell to another planet. That planetary consciousness gave him the power of light in time to make him survive.

In return for the gift of that planet, he decided to stay and protect that planet, using it as his second home.

Later, he was found by the Space and Time Administration. The Space and Time Administration is investigating the cause of the destruction of the earth in the first place, and just happened to find him, the only survivor, so he wanted to ask the situation.

Mu Zhou then assisted the Space and Time Administration to find the two killers who had caused the destruction of the earth in the first place. That earth would have been destroyed at first, just because the two traversers had struck.

In the end, they successfully solved two troublesome traversers and avenged their planet and family.

Therefore, Muzhou still trusts the Space and Time Administration.

After knowing Ye Xing's identity, Mu Zhou quickly thought of a key point: "Director Ye, are you here for me?"

He couldn't help turning his head to glance at the red tea on one side, guessing whether the red tea was a traverser.

But soon, he was secretly surprised again. Why is the director of the Space-Time Administration acting as someone else?

If you know the red tea before, Ye Xing has not refuted.

But soon, Mu Zhou remembered what Ye Xing said before, and Hong Tu almost killed a human before?

So, what exactly is going on here?

Mu Zhou felt a little headache, so Mu Zhou chose to give up temporarily. However, he did not listen to his friends of the Space and Time Administration or complained that the director squeezed the labor force or praised the greatness of his own director.

Therefore, he thinks that the matter of red tea may not need to intervene.

After all, he is now an illegal traverser. To be honest, he had been there to work hard to protect the planet, and as a result he played a monster and found himself changing the universe, somehow.

He was still worried about how to contact the Space and Time Administration, but he didn't expect the other party to come first.

After hearing Mu Zhou's question, Ye Xing nodded: "Since you know, I won't say much. Can you talk about how you passed through?"

At this moment he found himself completely ignored by the red tea: "..." Forget it, he was also a little curious.

Ye Xing at this time seemed to suddenly think of Hong Tu and greeted him, "Come here too, Red Big Boss, you are also in the wrong world, right?"

Hong Tu nodded, and the three did not pay much attention. They found a suitable place to sit down and began to exchange their experiences of crossing.

"I found myself crossing after hitting the monster." Mu Zhou opened his mouth first, and he paused, and continued, "Speaking of which, I felt a little strange. When I crossed that day, there seemed to be some You see something black passing by. "

Mu Zhou didn't hide much, and she said what she knew: "And, as soon as I crossed it, I fell on this planet. I always think that the thing that lets me through, or that guy, is probably here. In the planet. "

"The black thing?" Ye Xing groaned, secretly remembered Mu Zhou's words, looked at Hong Tu again, and silently motioned for Red Tu to talk about his own experience.

Hongtu showed a very kind smile to Ye Xing. After looking at Ye Xing's scalp, she said quietly: "When I crossed the road, I bumped into a car with a guy and was hit by this world. I didn't see clearly What is it."

(End of this chapter)