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Chapter 287 Ye Xing Continues to Die

Chapter 287 Ye Xing Continues to Die

"Crash?" Ye Xing frowned.

Doesn't he think this is a coincidence? What kind of car accident can hit this boss from one road to another?

It may be that someone deliberately brought these passers-by into this world, but what is his purpose?

Ye Xing was lost in thought. Attention turned to Hong Tu again, but no matter what, the other party brought this guy over, and he was doomed to fail.

This is a big killer of restlessness. Of course, he did not expect to be able to persuade Hong Tu to join his own camp. After all, unless he was all the heirs of light like Mu Zhou, maybe he would pit a teammate.

But this did not prevent him from trying to temporarily divert the attention of Hong Tu, so he said his guess: "There should be a guy who intentionally brought you together. The world appears to be more than just you, There are a lot more.

Such a deliberate attempt must be conspiracy. He is likely to want to use you to achieve some goals. "

Hong Tu also thought of this after realizing that Mu Zhou was also a traverser. He even knew that the attribute of power held by the guy who bumped himself into this world was darkness. And, indeed, on this planet.

It's just that it's a bit of a hassle to find, because the planet has the same dark power.

Hong Tu even had a guess. He suspected that the behind-the-scenes actor was related to Leonix. But whether this guess is true needs to be further determined.

Thinking of this, Hong Tu hid this clue calmly, and the bad-hearted did not say it. It's okay, he can go directly to Leonix, and even devour the dark power that is free on this planet, including the source, of course.

After the three had exchanged news about the traversal, Hong Tu pulled the topic back again: "Can you tell me now, why are you impersonating me?"

Ye Xing: "..." I feel that if I tell the truth, I will be shot dead.

So Ye Xing chose to make an excuse: "I can't reveal my existence. Moreover, I feel that the other party's purpose is likely to be related to you, so I want to rely on your identity to lead the other party out.

He was serious and said exactly the same.

Hong Tu smiled slightly, of course, would not believe such words.

In order to draw the opponent out, he broke into the kingdom of light and let himself carry the pot for him? Hong Tu doesn't feel that he is so special that others can remember it. Especially with so many crossings.

But in any case, he wrote it down.

Ye Xing felt a chill behind him and quietly moved away from the red tea.

Mu Zhou's eyes lingered on Hong Tu and Ye Xing, but in the end he didn't ask anything. He knew that some in the Space-Time Administration Bureau could not be known to outsiders, so he didn't ask much, but pointed to the meat that was not far away and was licking his finger Ling, and asked Hongda: Well, is she also a traverser? "

"Yes." Hong Tu nodded. "Ling is also a traverser."

"But she ..." Mu Zhou obviously saw Ling's physical condition and frowned.

Hong Tu shook her head: "No way."

Mu Zhou was silent for a long time. He seemed to have made a decision. He walked to Ling's side, raised his hand and let out a little light: "Hello, my name is Mu Zhou."

Ling stared at the golden light ball in Muzhou's hand, and then answered, "Hello, my name is Ling."

Mu Zhou clearly saw Ling's concern for the light. He smiled and passed the light in his hand: "Sent you."

Ling looked at him for a long time, and seemed to confirm that he was kind, and then nodded, taking over the light: "Thank you."

The moment the golden light ball touched her hand, it melted into Ling's body.

Ling looked at her hand in surprise, her expression gradually brightened.

She could feel that after the light was incorporated into her body, her body relaxed inexplicably, and the tyrannical emotions of the monsters that had been lingering in her heart were calmed down.

"You're amazing!" Ling looked at Mu Zhou in surprise. "What's that?"

Mu Zhou didn't speak, just smiled, got up and returned to the place where she just sat.

Hong Tu saw all of this in her eyes, raised her eyebrows unexpectedly, and said nothing.

"Tell me what to do next." Hong Tu looked at Ye Xing. "If I'm not mistaken, your time and space administration will deal with passers-by."

"How do we break up?" Ye Xing looked at Hongtu seriously. "I and Muzhou, you and Ling."

Hongtu smiled at him kindly, only to see that the expression on his face had become stiff, then he shifted his eyes, and nodded, "Yes."

Mu Zhou looked at Ling lingeringly, but eventually said nothing and followed the arrangement.

After discussing the arrangements, Hong Tu did not mention the tracker on Ye Xing, Ye Xing did not mention it, and even Ye Xing gave Hong Tu and Ling a connector so that they could contact after finding a clue.

After that, Ye Xing couldn't wait to leave Mu Zhou.

Hong Tu watched the two leave, and turned to look at Ling again: "Is the meat just not full, let's go, I will take you to a meal."


On the other side, as soon as Ye Xing left the sight of Hong Tu, he couldn't wait to come up with a wanted order, and lighted it with the power of light.

Mu Zhou clearly saw that this wanted order printed with the red face disappeared in this way, and became a string of strange light characters in the sky, and then disappeared into the sky.

Mu Zhou: "..." This is a wanted order for the kingdom of light! Hong Tu is wanted by the Land of Light? !! No, wait, Ye Xing pretends to be a red man to break into the kingdom of light? !!

No wonder you have been chased all the way by the red tea ...

No, what he's asking now should be ... didn't he just reach an alliance? Are you really good at teammates like this? !!

Ye Xing noticed Mu Zhou's weird expression. He sighed deeply and said with a heavy face: "You have also discovered the power of Hong Tu. If you don't find more light to restrain it, he will cause Greater harm. "

"Contained by light?"

"This planet is a bit special. It is the hiding place of the Lebrards. It is the final battlefield of Leonix. I suspect that the purpose of the other party is the Lebrards.

But Hongtu was afraid that he would eat the Raybrad star directly before that, so I had to find a way to restrain him.

Don't look at the red tea, it is black. He is very gentle to the heirs of light to you, and will not hurt Ultraman in the kingdom of light.

Don't look at me like that, I can't help it. The guy who should have restrained this great god did not know where to run lazily. I can only find a way to contain it manually. "

"... Is it good to say something to Hong Tu?" Mu Zhou felt a little uneasy. He had been an Ultraman and greeted the country of light, and naturally knew the strength of the country of light. Once you're spotted, it's a big deal.

Don't look at the special film, Bellia's attack on the kingdom of light is so smooth, but when you really try to attack, you will feel that the heritage of the kingdom of light is actually very powerful.

Ye Xingyi rejected the proposal in a righteous manner, and vowed to express that the red tea had not eaten for a long time, and he would not let the big cake of the Star of Rablad.

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