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Chapter 288 Leah the Illegal Crosser

Chapter 288 Leah the Illegal Crosser

Mu Zhou didn't think too much. He didn't know Ye Xing, and his only understanding came from other people.

Although he thinks that Ye Xing's teammates are not very good, but Ye Xing's promise is vow, as if letting Hong Tu continue, which will have great consequences.

Therefore, Mu Zhou could only resist the doubts and a little anxiety in her heart and honestly assisted Ye Xing.

But does this really matter? He always felt that if a guy with such a dark power was not an extremely evil person, he would not be a good person. Does Ye Xing die like this, does it really matter?


The red light watched that the font of the light disappeared.

He couldn't understand the words, but that didn't prevent Hongda from guessing what it was.

Ye Xing is certainly not a peaceful guy, but it doesn't matter, he will find a way to get it back.

After red tea helped Ling solve her breakfast and lunch, she took Ling and chased the dark power all over the planet. She even found the source of darkness.

He wanted to see that guy before the arrival of Ultraman in the Land of Light.


In the kingdom of light, Taylor and Zophie have seen the characters of light on the foreign side of light.

This is an Otto signature, but not an Otto signature for an exclusive Otto, but an Otto signature for ordinary messaging.

"Taylor, it seems that someone has found the country that is trespassing into the light and stole the star map." Zophie looked at Tylor. I'm going to run away, I think it's very strong, so let me take a team of Austria and go hunt. "

"Brother, I know." Tyro nodded, no objection to this arrangement, he knew it was the best arrangement.

But Tyro, who saw Zophie return to the country of light, was still a bit worried: "Altman and Brother Severn haven't heard for a long time and don't know what happened."

The recent battle of Leonix has made the universe frightened. The first generation Altman and Sven Altman left the country of light to investigate Leonix, but there has been no news for a long time.

But at this time, the country of polarized light was stolen. Among the Otter brothers, Mengyu Yousi is not strong enough, and the other Otter brothers are not in the country of light, so he and Jack Altman have to stand here and cannot leave easily.

"I hope it's okay." Tylor looked back uneasily and glanced at the direction indicated by the autograph just now. He was silent for a while, and flew towards the kingdom of light.

Soon, Zophie took a team of Otto Guards and flew to the Hama planet pointed to by the signature.


On the planet of Hama, Hong Tu has taken Ling and found their goal.

This is a young man in black. He is sitting on the top of a hill at the moment, watching the battle between two Leonixes not far away.

As Hong Tu and Ling approached, the youth turned their heads, and seemed to be impatient and shouted, "Who are you ..."

After he saw the person coming, his impatient voice suddenly stopped, and his expression gradually changed from irritability to surprise.

Hong Tu stared at him: "?"

"You are the red tea!" The young man stood up and looked at the red tea without any fear. After confirming that he was himself, he reached out his hand. Of fans. "

Hong Tu raised her eyebrows unexpectedly, raised her hand and shook him, and said, "I don't remember what I did to attract fans."

"The famous red boss is still very famous among us." The youth who claimed to be Rhea took a haha, did not elaborate, but it did not seem malicious, "I like your style of work and strong power. "

Hong Tu's attention paused on "we", after all, instead of delving into it, he opened his eyes and asked: "What do you want to do when you pull me into this world?"

Rhea didn't even think about it, and responded directly: "We want to get rid of the Space Time Administration. But the director of the Space Time Administration is a bit difficult to deal with, so we have to find a way to get him out of the headquarters of Space Time Administration."

The way to draw people out is naturally to create a great mess. Of course, just the appearance of a large number of illegal traversers is not enough. A person who needs the attention of the Space and Time Administration is also needed.

The red tea was thus selected.

Among the illegal riders, Hong Tu is very famous. Slightly stronger illegal traversers will not know the name of Hong Tu.

A guy who has swallowed many bosses in the world without the control of the Space and Time Administration has made everyone care.

And the most famous thing about Hong Tu is the existence of nothing. It is only a part of the strength of the red tea, and only one person has driven out illegal crossers in two worlds. It has also strongly suppressed all counterattacks from illegal crossers afterwards, even directly letting three powerful guys succumb. Up these two worlds.

Only part of the power is so powerful that the deity will only be stronger.

But because of the uncontrollable red tea, many people were opposed to pulling red tea into the plan at the beginning, and no one can guarantee that red tea will stay in that world in the end, holding Ye Xing instead of being persuaded by Ye Xing. After learning about their existence, they directly killed them.

But in the end, the plan was approved.

However, they need someone to get in touch with the red tea, and Rhea is the one chosen.

Of course, Rhea was completely voluntary, and he was even a self-recommended one, because he wanted to use Yea ’s hand to kill Ye Xing.

"Let's talk." Hong Tu found a place to sit, a posture ready to listen to the story.

And Rea did not hide it, and explained to Hong Tu directly the dispute between the Space and Time Administration and the traversal.

"... Illegal traversers can only be chased non-stop. Those of us who have traveled for a long time can no longer be returned to the original world, so they will either be recruited by the Space and Time Administration or they will be killed directly.

Even if they were recruited, they would be deprived of their liberty for hundreds of years to serve their sentences if the timeline had been disrupted before.

A friend of mine, after being deprived of his freedom, couldn't stand that feeling, and finally chose to commit suicide ...

There is no destiny in the world, and there will be no situation where the world will be destroyed because of timeline disruption.

The Space and Time Administration is in fact targeting those of us who are beyond their control. "

Rhea's expression was unwilling and sad, but disdainful. He was born naive and never believed in power. He never believed in fate, and naturally he would not believe that what they did would lead to the destruction of the world.

If the world is so easy to perish, the countless worlds will not need to do anything with them, they will be destroyed directly by a small accident, instead of spawning countless parallel worlds.

"So it is." Hong Tu nodded, behaving speculatively about the current situation. Also figured out why Ye Xing targeted himself.

Ye Xing did realize the reason why the red tea will appear in this world, so he will use the country of light to restrain the red tea ...

Hongtu sorted out the situation, but somehow produced a strange feeling.

This feeling of being regarded by both parties as the ultimate boss that can control the battlefield is really amazing.

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