I did n’t really want to rule the world

Chapter 289: The Dark History of Saiwen

Chapter 289: The Dark History of Saiwen

Neither party chose to bring Hongda into their own camp, but both were trying to contain him.

Ye Xing chose to summon the world's largest rogue group, the Land of Light, while the illegal traversers chose the Lebrad stars and Rhea.

After Hongtu figured out the situation, she turned her attention to Rhea.

"I know the general situation," Hong Tu did not care about the calculations of the two parties, and even knew that he was being used, and he was not angry. After all, it's useless to be angry. Now that he is involved, he will always get some interest.

"In other words, do you all want me to be in this world?" Hong Tu said sharply. "It's a bit of a meaning."

Rhea smiled brightly: "Will you help us?"

"Yes." Hong Tu nodded, "I will stay in this world for a while. But you always have to say a clear deadline and pay."

Rhea smiled like an evil boss planning something: "At the latest tomorrow, we can find the headquarters of the Space and Time Administration. As long as we find it, victory is only a matter of time."

"Tomorrow ..." Hong Tu nodded. "What about the reward?"

"Remuneration, we will give you 10% of the gains from the Space and Time Administration." Rhea nodded seriously, "Of course, and the dark power we collected on this planet, the Ray Brad star, And, me. "

Ling: "???" What are you? !!

Red tea: "..." I know everything else, but including "you", how strange it feels ...

Fortunately, Reia added in time: "My strength is special. Although it is not as good as yours, it is also very strong. If you swallow me, you will become stronger and even stronger.

It's just ... Can you help me and kill Ye Xing? "

He stared at Hong Tu's expression, as if trying to see his will.

Hongtu was a bit surprised. For the first time, he saw someone catching up with him, but looking at Leia's expression seriously, and then contacting him before, Hongtu guessed the reason.

But it surprised him even more: "Is it worth it, for a friend who has died?"

"There is nothing worthwhile," Rhea said, looking away. "In the beginning, the people sent were destined to be swallowed by you. I just added a little selfishness to it."

This is the first time Hongtu has seen such a dark power holder, and she has a character.

"I see." He stood up. "Let's go."

Rhea entered the role instantly, and was very conscious of not asking anything. After following the red tea, she completely ignored Ling, who was constantly throwing an eye on her side.

Ling glanced provocatively at Leia, jumped to the side of Hong Tu in two steps, and asked crisply, "Where are we going now?"

"Go to dinner." Hong Tu smiled mysteriously. "You've been full lately, but I've been hungry for days."

When Ling talked about eating, she suddenly became energetic, and even couldn't even care about provocating against Rea. She was curious and asked Hong Tu: "What do you want to eat? I can help you find it."

Hong Tu said he didn't eat monsters, what would that eat?

Hong Tu smiled at her kindly and reported a name: "Reblad."

Ling: "...?!" Is that thing edible? !!

Reia glanced at Ling with a startled expression, and then looked away.

It was just this short time that Rea had a correct understanding of Ling—this is a mentally handicapped girl.

And a mentally handicapped person need not be bothered.

"In fact, only a part of the spirit body remains on the planet of the Reblad people," Leia took the initiative to introduce to Hong Tu. "The other part of his spirit body is in the universe prison of the kingdom of light. We are not convenient to This time provokes the kingdom of light, so temporarily abandoned it.

But staying here is the dark armor of the Lebrad star, plus Leonix and monsters, which will make you satisfied. "

They understood the preferences of Hongtu very clearly, and knew what attracted Hongtu most on this planet.

Finally, under the leadership of Rhea, the trio arrived directly at the place where the Rablad star placed the dark armor.

After arriving here, Hong Tu saw the light wrapped in an evil force at a glance.

This is a little familiar ... wait, isn't this old stubbornness of Saiwen?

Hongtu certainly knows Saiwen. The two have done a lot before, basically belong to the kind that will dry up when they meet.

However, Hong Tu did not expect that the powerful match would actually fall into this situation at this moment, and it would be directly caught, and then extract the energy of light as energy to drive this so-called dark armor.

No, he wants to keep this scene as a black history to laugh at Saiwen later! Although this may not threaten Saiwen, after all, that Ultraman may never consider his black history unacceptable ...

However, it's not bad to stay happy.

Hongtu took out a video recording device, and after setting it up, she was ready to wake up the dark armor.

To awaken the Dark Armor, it is actually very simple, just show hostility towards it and release a little dark power.

The red tea just released a little bit of darkness, and the dark armor was successfully attracted attention.

The huge armor controlled the wearer to climb out of the mountain, and the scarlet eyes instantly locked the red tea.

Hongtu reconfirmed the equipment and was ready, stopped Rhea and Ling who were about to make a move, took out the dark ring, and released a monster: "Gomora."

"Roar ~" As soon as Gomera appeared, he uttered a provocative roar, and slammed into the dark armor opposite.

There was a vague roar of rage in Dark Armor's mouth, and he lifted the two tridents in his hand to meet Gomora.

But Gomora is not really a rash man. It is a monster among the monsters under the red tea. Except for a few special monsters, Gomora is the best. Provoked Gomola.

So, when facing the Trident of Dark Armor, Gomola suddenly became short and avoided the Trident.

It converged, because there were still matches inside.

But this does not prevent it from zooming in on the next move. It's okay, with the defense of the dark armor, presumably, the text can hold it.

So Gomera directly released the super vibration wave.

The blue wave energy passed through its sharp corners, submerged into the dark armor, shattered the dark armor, and directly stunned the already weak Xaar inside.

The dark armor gradually dissipated into countless black particles, and the huge red Altman shook his body, before falling heavily to the ground.

Gomola made a roar that belonged to the winner, showed off to Hong Tu, and turned back to the card, flying into Hong Tu's hand.

After confirming that the picture he wanted has been shot, Hong Tu ignored the unconscious gameplay and took the two of them directly to leave.

How about Love, he doesn't care about this old stubbornness! This kind of discrimination is dark. Let's find his troublesome guy twice, let it go!

(End of this chapter)