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Chapter 247 Jin Muyan's Decision

Chapter 247 Jin Muyan's Decision

Jin Muyan frowned, "What do you mean?"

Speaking of his father's death, Jin Muyan had some inexplicable fear, somehow. He didn't remember how his father died, but he knew that something terrible had happened.

One thing that made him afraid to remember.

Li Yaoxiang: "Your father's cause of death. You subconsciously chose to forget this thing, but at the time, I could see it clearly-!"

Jin Muyan swallowed.

No questioning.

Because he knew that Li Yaoxiang would soon reveal the answer.

Li Yaoxiang: "I have to remind you that you are getting along so well with 喰 species now, I still have to remind you, lest you regret it later when you restore your memory.

You ...

Your father was killed by a mule.

And still in front of you, killed by a cricket.

He died to save you.

Had it not been for the search officer to arrive in time, maybe you would not have lived now. "


噗通 ——!

The heartbeat sounded through my mind.

Immediately afterwards, the memories of that year were like rivers, and all of them poured into Jin Muyan's mind for a moment.

He remembered the pictures at the time.

I remembered his father pushing him away and letting him run away.

Think of everything.

It is also because of his father's death that his happy family will gradually change.

He killed his father!

If it weren't for the original running around, you wouldn't have encountered a cricket.

The father would not be killed by a cricket in order to save himself.

It turns out that everything is because of myself!

Recalling everything that was originally, Rao is Jin Muyan already an adult, or was not dealt a light blow by this memory, his face turned pale before he knew it.

Li Yaoxiang: "So ... you have killed your father and foe. You really have the right to continue living a harmonious life with you?"

Click to stop.

Li Yaoxiang did not speak again.

Jin Muyan did not respond.

At this time, Jin Muyan had only a blank space in his mind.

Even if he wanted to respond, he didn't know what to respond.

Next, I can only walk like a walking dead, go back to the room and fall down to sleep.

The next morning.

Jin Muyan got up normally.

He did not feel broken because he recalled the truth of the year. After all, others have grown so big, their minds have matured, and they are all old memories, so he would not lose control or shed tears because of this matter.

At best, it means that the mood is affected and becomes worse.

A little more guilt and a series of negative emotions.

What makes him feel the most complicated is that he doesn't know how to deal with this species.

How to face the crowd of antique shops.

For the next few days, he chose to evade reality.

Did not go to school.

I didn't go to the antique shop to work.

Just reading at home and silent in his own world.

It was not until the evening of the fourth day that he spent 4 full days to read Gao Yongquan's work in one breath.

After reading it, he was relieved.

The burden on the shoulders seemed to be lightened a lot.

After turning off the phone for several days, I finally was willing to turn it on at this time.

It didn't take long for the phone to turn on, and a series of 'beep' sounds had been heard.

The screen shows nearly a hundred missed calls.

And dozens or twenty unread messages.

Take a look.

Ji Youyong is near Yingliang.

Foggy Island Dong Xiang.

There is also the little loli of flute mouth chick.

'Miscellaneous Golden Wood! Are you playing missing again? !! I can tell you, if you do n’t answer the phone tomorrow, there will be no information, but I will bring the police .. I came to see you! '

'Yan Jun, what happened to you? Everyone is worried about you. Will you come to antique tomorrow? '

'Brother Jinmu, I miss you. Come back soon! '

Read the information one by one.

Jin Muyan felt only warmth in his heart.

He was lying in bed reading a message, and couldn't help smiling.

Li Yaoxiang: "Considered clearly?"

Hearing Li Yaoxiang's voice, his originally smiling face suddenly became serious. Although Li Yaoxiang did not say the question clearly, Jin Muyan knew the question asked by Li Yaoxiang.

This is asking him in the coming days, in what way and attitude should he face the scum.

After thinking for a while, Jin Muyan responded: "I want to go back to the antiques before making a decision."

The next morning.

Jin Muyan has normal classes.

Several reasons were formulated, and when it came to drooling, it was so difficult to send the turbulent Ji You Yong Jin Yingliang and dispel his thought of calling the police.

After school, I went to the antique coffee shop as usual.



After seeing that the person was Kim Muyan, Kirishima Dong Xiang rushed forward and tapped Kim Muyan's forehead gently: "Where have you been these days? Leave me all the work, you know I don't know, I'm going to be busy! "

Jin Muyan's expression looked very unnatural.

Don't know what to answer.

I don't know what response to give.

However, Kirishima's Dong Xiang's next performance eased Jin Muyan's nervousness a lot.

Kirishima Dong Xiang squinted his eyes and showed a sweet smile, saying 'just come back', and then turned back to her post to work, without any intention of questioning.

Watching her back.

Jin Muyan only felt a warmth in his heart.

However, Kirishima's Dong Xiang's next performance will soon be awakened by Jin Muyan, who is daydreaming. Kirishima Dong Xiang paused, Yu Guang at the end of his eyes glared at Jin Muyan: "Don't change clothes to work yet? Do you want me to do everything for you? Do you want me to help you with your salary?"

Jin Muyan was so helpless that he wanted to walk to the locker room to change to work.

But after a few steps, Fangcun Gongshan stopped and said, "No hurry ..., go upstairs to see Chu Shi. The little girl hasn't missed you much these days. Knowing that you are back, she It must be broken. "

Jin Muyan looked at Fangcun Gongshan.

I looked a little embarrassed at Dong Xiang from Kirishima.

When she noticed Jin Muyan's eyes, Kirishima Dong Xiang turned his back on Jin Muyan and dared not look directly: "Come on. I don't want to be complained by Hoshi that I won't let her Jinmu brother see her."

Kaneki Ken did not detect the abnormality of Kirishima Dong Xiang.

Turn around and dash upstairs.

During the time of going upstairs, I did not forget to keep sorry, saying that I would come downstairs to help soon.

After a while.

Jin Muyan came to the reception room where Dikou Hushi was staying.

In anxiety, he forgot to knock on the door.

Open the door and take a look.

This made Fushiguchi, who was still reading a book, stunned.

Immediately rushed forward in surprise, poured into the arms of Jin Muyan.

"Brother Jinmu! You are finally back! You haven't been here in the past few days, but you're about to die!"

Jin Muyan was frightened for a while by the flute's behavior.

He looked down at the cute and sincere face, and he reacted from the god of candid, but could not help showing a gentle smile, and dialed his flute hair: "Well, I'm sorry. I should not be to you Missed appointment. "

The time is ripe.

Li Yaoxiang's voice sounded again in Jin Muyan's mind: "Are you determined?"

Jin Muyan no longer hesitated this time, and resolutely answered, "Well, it's decided ..."

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