The darkening of the heavens began from Naruto

Chapter 248 Are You Cruel?

Chapter 248 Are You Cruel?

Li Yaoxiang: "So, in the future, what are your plans?"

Jin Muyan: "Intent? There is nothing to plan for. What to do, what to do. Those who kill my father are those who are addicted to blood and unruly.

My enemies will be them too.

Everyone in antiques is different from this scum.

Why should I change my attitude towards Dong Xiang and Chu Shi for these scums?

The people who should repent, suffer, and be distressed should be the scum.

Not me.

What do you think? "

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Li Yaoxiang: "I think? Em ... I really agree with your idea. I also appreciate your determination. But ... is your determination strong enough?"

Jin Muyan: "Oh? You have no confidence in me?"

Li Yaoxiang: "Of course not. I just worry ... you don't know enough about the path you have chosen."

Jin Muyan: "What do you mean?"

Li Yaoxiang: "It's very simple. Humans and creatures, which side are you on?"

In a short sentence, the problem was directly pointed out.

Jin Muyan instantly understood the meaning of Li Yaoxiang's words.

In short, that is, since he has decided to maintain his current life and get along with the antiques, it means that they will one day meet CCG and the human side.

What will he do then?

Is it for those who help antiques, repel CCG, or help CCG persuade antiques?

If it helps CCG, it means that his relationship with the antique party will be broken.

If it helps antiques, it means that he is about to become an enemy of human beings, wanted by CCG.

For Jin Muyan, this issue is not sharp.

But he answered with a smile in his tone: "Why should I make a choice?"

Li Yaoxiang: "Oh? It seems that this issue is already in your consideration?"

Jin Muyan said, "Huh", it was admitted that Li Yaoxiang said, and then he continued to say: "I am a human. At the same time, I am also a scum.

Even if I stand on the human side, there is no guarantee that they will not arrest me as a puppet.


Even if I stand on one side, I can't guarantee that they won't be hostile to me.

Neither of these are the results I want.

Nor should it be the result I deserve.

The fault is not in me. The fault is in this world. It is the people who mess up this world. Why are they at fault and need me to pay for it? Need me to suffer?

My life should not hide in Tibet.

My life should not be hunted down.

I also do not want my future children to follow me and be displaced.

Damn, disappear, hide, hunt down, they should be them! Those who have made this world a mess!

That being the case, why don't I create a world that is centered on me and suitable for my survival? "

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In Jin Muyan's mind, Li Yaoxiang's applause suddenly sounded.





"You have a good idea."

"It's also in our best interest."

"It's just that you have the ability to fulfill this ambition?"

Jin Muyan still smiled in his tone: "Aren't you still? Are you and me together? You will help me, right?"

The reason why Jin Muyan dared to think so, came up with such a ridiculous idea.

All because of his confidence in Li Yaoxiang.

After so many years, more or less, he still noticed some clues.

For example, why Li Yaoxiang knows so many secrets that he doesn't know, such as rebar incidents, such as surgery. Since Li Yaoxiang has a way to know the truth of these things, does that mean that Li Yaoxiang also has a way to learn more secrets?

It's like Li Yaoxiang's ability to identify the species.

Now that Li Yaoxiang has the ability to discern various species, does that mean he has other special abilities?

There was a moment of silence in my mind.


Then came Li Yaoxiang's laughter: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Xiao Jinmu, it seems you haven't been vain in the past few days?-Your head is a lot smarter.

I will certainly help you.

Can really help you.

It's just ... is your determination strong enough? Are you cruel enough? In order to achieve your goal, can you be hard-hearted? My little golden wood ~ "

Jin Muyan played with the taste: "If you don't try, how do you know it won't work?"

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Li Yaoxiang: "Okay, all you have to do in the first step is to eat!"

Jin Muyan: "Eat?"

Li Yaoxiang: "Yes, if you want to change this world, you must become strong enough! Powerful enough that everyone can do nothing for you! If you want to become stronger, then you cannot do without RC cells.

Exclude humans.

Then you can only become stronger by eating bigheads.

Strong enough to compete with players in this world.

So you have to eat more and more! Eating more puppets means that there will be a lot of pupae dying for you. Eating more puppets means that everyone in the antique store may reject you.

how is it?

Can you do it Jin Muyan. "

Jin Muyan was silent for a moment.

When he responded again, he already had a firm tone and said with a smile, "Why not?"

The two communicated here.

In reality, Jin Muyan heard the sound of flute in his ear.

"Brother Jinmu? Brother Jinmu?"

"What's wrong with you? Why don't you answer me?"

Jin Muyan paused for a moment, then squatted down, dialed the flute, and said, "Shishi is good, there is work downstairs that I need to help. I can't be with you for the time being.

Can you circle the words you don't know before I can come up and teach you? "

Flute mouth nodded her head: "Okay ~~"

Jin Muyan did not leave immediately, and continued, "Yes, Hoshi. If one day, Jin Mu's brother killed many bad guys, would you be angry with your brother?"

Fushiguchi still resisted the killing.

Obviously, she didn't like it very much.

Just like in the original book, even in the face of the real enemy Wu Xu, the young man who killed his parents, she still could not bear to die.

However, in the face of Jin Muyan's sincere eyes, Fushiguchi Hiroshi finally shook his head, and Vino promised: "No."

Immediately, the flute chick really remembered the appearance of the "bad guy" she saw at home, and she said nervously: "The bad guy is terrible. Brother Jinmu, please be careful ..."

Seeing this in the mouth of the flute.

Jin Muyan had speculation right now, guessing that the flute mouth young had a bad experience. This makes Jin Muyan more firm in his belief.

At the same time, he also believes that the people in antiques, or Kirishima Dong Xiang, will definitely understand himself ...

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