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Chapter 249: Who Is The Prey

Chapter 249: Who Is The Prey

"Okay, my brother will be careful."

After speaking, Jin Muyan changed his work clothes and went downstairs.

Everyone in the antiques noticed Jin Muyan, but they had nothing to do with it, as if Jin Muyan had never been in a class. They treated Jin Muyan normally, very interesting, and did not mean to ask questions.

As soon as he arrived at the bar, Fangcun Gongshan smiled and said, "Get off so fast? Why not spend more time with the younger?"

Jin Muyan apologized: "No, I'll finish the work before I say it."

At this time, the doorbell rang.



Jin Muyan said subconsciously: "Welcome!"


What greeted me was a guy in a glamorous suit and short purple hair.

Kirishima's first reaction to seeing this guy was to show a disgusted expression: "Yueyama? Is there anything wrong with you here?"

Xi Yueshan: "It's been a long time, Miss Kirishima. You're still as cold as ever-~, but that's where your charm lies."

Kirishima Dong Xiang: "Nausea is dead-!"

Kirishima Dong Xiang chose to ignore Yue Shan habits.

Keep doing your work.

At that time, Yueshan Xi discovered a newcomer in the antique, Jin Muyan.

He walked around Jin Muyan and walked around in an interesting way. He looked around at Jin Muyan: "Hey, are you new? What's your name?"

In the original book, Jin Muyan was frightened by Yue Shan's act.

But how could Jin Muyan of this life still have such an unbearable performance?

He just used the light from the corner of his eyes.

Holding this guy around him.

"Jinmu ..."

Yue Shanxi was close to Jin Muyan's neck: "What a wonderful fragrance ..."

The corner of Jin Muyan's mouth slightly tilted: "Your scent is also good ..."

Yue Shan Xi stunned on the spot.

According to past practice, as long as someone meets for the first time and is looked around by him in this way, it is usually very unaccustomed and even tense.

But the new man in front of him not only didn't panic, he even gave him a shot.

It really makes Yue Shan Xi very interesting.

He couldn't help but laugh: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Kim Mu, I remember you. You are so funny!"

"Hey, you disgusting guy, don't bother us with our work. Hurry up and go!" Said Kirishima Dong Hong.

"Hey, you really don't understand the style." Xi Yueshan first teased Kirishima Dong Xiang, then patted Kim Muyan on the shoulder, "I will come to you for coffee next time."

Jin Muyan smiled with a narrow smile: "Welcome anytime."

Yue Shanxi turned and left.

Still reminiscent of the fragrance from Kim Muyan.

Jin Muyan has already asked in his head: "Do you have a guy's message? Who is he? Look at Dong Xiang's response. This guy named Yue Shan should not be the same group as us?"

Now that we have negotiated with Li Yaoxiang.

Jin Muyan simply no longer secretive.

Try to make the most of Li Yaoxiang's 'utility'.

Li Yaoxiang: "Foodie, should you have heard of it?"

Jin Muyan: "Oh? Is this the guy? If this guy is killed, there should be no problem, right?"

Li Yaoxiang: "Of course no problem, but ... you are not your opponent today! And, it's so boring to kill him like this.

Don't you want to visit what they call a food club?

Would you join that kind of club? I believe it will be your goal, too.

With his traction, you don't need to worry about food anymore. "

After listening to Li Yaoxiang's suggestion.

Jin Muyan couldn't help getting excited.

I was still worried, where should I go to find food, I didn't expect the food to come to my door.

Jin Muyan: "Are you still there? That guy is really that strong? Even with your help, I'm not his opponent?"

Li Yaoxiang: "No, no, no, Xiao Jinmu. I won't help you against anyone. If I help you, will everything return to the origin?

How is that different from the past?

Do n’t you need me to protect you all the time?

You want to be strong, you want to change your destiny, you still have to rely on yourself, I will only assist you from the side. "

Jin Muyan: "Then ... how to become stronger and how to defeat that guy, should you always have a way? Is it really just by eating? The 'food' in the house is almost out of food. No one is suitable for starting. "

Li Yaoxiang: "Of course! I will give you another surprise when you get home from work."

The two communicated here.

In reality, Jin Muyan heard the voice of Kirishima Dong Xiang.

"Jinmu? Jinmu?"

"Ah?" Jin Muyan woke up.

"What are you thinking so fascinating? The table is almost wiped by you, and you are still wiping."

"No ... no."

"I can tell you. The man was a troublesome guy just now. You have to be careful."

"One ... definitely."


the other side.

CCG branch in District 20.

Today came two unexpected guests.

Both were sent by the headquarters to investigate the incident involving 'big sister-in-law'.

One is the first-rate search officer, Wu Xu of the real household.

One was a first-class search officer, Yamen Gang Tailang.

It stands to reason that their arrival should not have affected District 20, and anyone in the CCG branch should report to the loser of the branch.

After all, they only want to complete the task, and find out the 'big sister', that is, God on behalf of the world.

It's just that Yamen Gang Tailang, an upright guy, can't see Li Yaoxiang's work attitude.

Everyone is doing their best to 'deport' the species.

But Li Yaoxiang, this guy, took a blatant nap in the office.

He was furious and went directly to Li Yaoxiang.

Sounded Li Yaoxiang's desktop.

knock! knock! knock!

The awakened Li Yaoxiang glanced at Yamen Gang Tailang, poked his eyes, and said casually, "What's wrong?"

Yamen Gangtailang: "You're the best searcher, Li Yaoxiang?"

"Oh? Am I so famous? Do you know me?"

Yamen Gangtailang: "Well, in the entire CCG, the most lazy person is famous. How could I not know you? It's really famous to meet."

"Nice to meet you."

"So you wake me up just to see me?"

Li Yaoxiang pretended to glance at Yamen Steel Tailang's CCG license: "First-rate search officer, Yamen Steel Tailang. Is this your attitude to speak to your superiors?"

Yamen Gang Tailang was furious: "You ...!"

Wu Xu, a real householder, came to the round at this time: "I'm sorry, the young man is more angry. I didn't take good care of him, sorry."

Amon Gangtaro just wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the real family Wu Xu: "I'm only interested in killing hordes. If you want to continue to waste time on such boring things, then I have to Do it yourself. "

After that.

The real household Wu Xu turned and left.

Amon Gangtaro quickly followed.

Just before leaving, I left a sentence unwillingly to Li Yaoxiang: "CCG is not the place for people like you. Irresponsible guys like you will only kill more companions."

Looking at the back of the two leaving.

Li Yaoxiang did not take their words to heart.

At this time, he only thought of one thing.

'Wait so long, finally. '

The appearance of these two people means that the blackening of Jin Muyan is about to catch up ...

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