The spy hunting

Chapter 1263: Planting Loot (Thirteen)

Chapter 1263: Planting Loot (Thirteen)

"Did it come from that station yesterday?" Akagi asked casually.

The inspector of the electric inspection department hesitated, and finally shook his head: "Not sure?"

What do you mean?

Aki kissed her heart and stood up sharply: "What's going on?"

"This is only the first copy. When I came to you, the signal was still being sent in the frequency band ... I guess these are two radio stations ..."

The Director of the Electric Inspection Section replied.

Akagi's face changed, and he yelled, "Go"

He was sleeping next door to the telecommunications room. When he rushed in, the two translators were listening to the code while they were listening to the code.

There are already two copies of the code on the table, but the code is not very long, at most it is a sentence or two.

Aki was afraid of bothering him, but he was just anxious to wait until the signal in the channel was completely interrupted.

"What's the situation?" Akagi asked anxiously.

The translator in charge of the monitoring took off the headset, pointed to the copied codes, and replied in amazement: "Except for the first signal, which was sent three times in a row, each subsequent signal was only once, and Inter-transmission interval is extremely short ... "

"Make it clear!" Imagi took the imprints impatiently.

"I suspect that these are the enemy's two radio stations, and a question-and-answer connection has been established ..." the transponder replied.

Q & A contact?

Akagi kissed himself.

It is imperative that the director of the electrical inspection department said that he is not sure whether a radio station is sending signals.

This is like talking on the phone. If there is a caller, there is definitely a caller.

"Can you determine the approximate range of another signal source?" Akagi asked anxiously.

He was very skeptical that the radio station was in Shanghai. If he guessed right, the translator would definitely find it.

as expected!

The translator nodded his head: "The signal is very clear and there is no pause or interference. It is estimated that the transmission source should be in Shanghai and at most it will not exceed the areas of Baoshan and Jiading ..."

These are the two directions of Shanghai's northwest and southeast needless to say, both are sea!

"Hmm ..." Aki kissed the table with a heavy blow.

This thorn is really not just a radio station for Teacher Lin.

The range is too large. It will be a short while, and you don't need to think about the specific location of the radio station. You can only find other ways.

The key is to figure out what the purpose of these two radio stations is to contact frequently at such a high risk.

It's probably 80% because Chongqing didn't wait for the reply from Teacher Lin's radio station yesterday, so the backup liaison was activated.

What will this group do next?

I will definitely find a way to find out why Teacher Lin's radio is silent, and even more, find a way to contact the thorns ...

"Keep listening ..." Akigi gave a word, trotting to Iwai's bedroom.

"My Excellency, I suspect that Chongqing should send someone to contact the thorny, and it will definitely go to the big field, or even Jiading, to investigate the current situation of Teacher Lin and Hu Hu ..."

Akagi said excitedly.

No wonder it has been two days. Suka Hirojiro set up the Tianluodi network in Dachang Primary School and Jiading County, but did not find any suspicious personnel. It turned out that the other party's response was too slow?

"These messages should be the other party discussing specific plans and details?" Iwai asked.

"Yes!" Akagi nodded his head heavily. "It is very likely that we are also discussing retreat or lurking plans ..."

Suddenly unable to contact, Chongqing ’s first response will definitely consider whether there is a problem in any link, and it will certainly notify the relevant personnel of the transfer as soon as possible, and it will certainly notify the thorns.

For the past two days, Iwai Ichi and Akagi have been afraid to make big moves, aren't they waiting for this opportunity?

"Let me inform Suga Jun and Harada Jun!"

Iwai Ikki said excitedly: "Boss Hu, don't let him die. If you can't get the trial, just wait!"

"Hi!" Aki kissed her heavily.

He understood the meaning of Eiichi Iwai. Boss Hu was dying, and the possibility of confession was really small.

But after catching a person who is suspected of being "thorny", or after the thorny up and down line, you can use him to test to determine the true identity of the other party.

Sometimes, you don't have to wait for the suspect to speak to explain the evidence, but one look is enough ...

Akagi went to the basement and told the doctor to try to rescue Boss Hu, while Iwai called Suga Hikojiro and Harada Xiongji.

He told Harada Xiongji to stare at Li Shiqun, Ding Mocun, Yuan Shu and other suspects, as well as Suga Yanjiro, put his pockets in Dachang Town Primary School and Jiading County and wait for the fish to hook ...


"Pop!" After hearing the dialogue between Akagi and Iwai, Fang didn't slap in excitement.

The Japanese really got on the road, everything was going according to the original plan, it would be difficult for Wu Sibao to die ...

"What's wrong?" Ma Sanhu was awakened by this slap and asked in horror.

"Nothing!" Fang Buwei shook his head, pointed at the radio station and a pile of papers, and said, "Hurry up and pack, as much as you can hide, just hide as much as I can."

"What about the antenna?" Ma Sanhu asked, pointing to the window.

"Crap, of course it's in!" Fang Buwei scolded.

It is impossible to hide only the radio station, but not to disassemble the antenna. Otherwise, would it not tell the Japanese that there is no silver in the place?

"Oh!" Ma Sanhu responded, pulling the cord on the radio and preparing to put it in the box.

He wanted to ask, at this time, Fang Buwei was still patrolling outside, but when he remembered it, Fang Buwei was gone.

What about people?

Ma Sanhu was shocked with cold sweat.

How did this person disappear?

Not to mention seeing it, he didn't even hear a sound.

No wonder you dare to leave here alone, and you are not afraid to whisper?

Is it really bold?

Fang Buwei went to Xiangchun Tower to add some evidence to Wu Sibao.

There was no way but to confirm that the Japanese had listened to all the signals he had just contacted with the Chongqing Military System, and that the reconnaissance direction of Eiichi Iwai and his relatives Aki was not beyond his own expectations, and Fenwei could not pass this evidence. Planting stolen money to Wu Sibao, otherwise there is a possibility of self-defeating.

It was about to light up, Fang Buwei had at most an hour.

But he was not in a hurry.

Xiangchun Tower was not too far from Ma Sanhu's home. I drove back last night and passed so many Lucas all the way. It only took half an hour.

Before dawn, it is the darkest time, and it is also the most difficult time for people or dogs.

Fang Buwei reappeared, jumping to the top of the building, walking through the alleys, hiding from the guards. After ten minutes, he sneaked into the parlor of Xiangchun Tower.

(End of this chapter)