The spy hunting

Chapter 1264 Planting Loot (Fourteen)

Chapter 1264 Planting Loot (Fourteen)

From the process of monitoring Wu Sibao, Fang did not know that in a safe in the living room, Wu Sibao's account book for drug trafficking.

This is specially used for the Japanese business. There are a lot of cats in it, so Wu Sibao did it himself.

With this ledger, the Japanese do not even need to find additional evidence to compare Wu Sibao's handwriting ...

Fang Buwei opened his backpack and pulled out two things.

Just a radio and a stack of blank manuscript paper.

He slipped the manuscript into the safe, and the radio got him under the safe ...

All is ready except for the opportunity!


"Zhengjin Bank, HSBC Bank, Central Bank ..."

When Fang Buwei came back, he saw Ma Sanhu stroking his buttocks and writhing in the safe.

"Are you rich?" Fang Buwei laughed after watching for a while.

Like a cat that has stepped on its tail, Ma Sanhu jumped three feet high out of nowhere, and when he saw that Fang was wrong, his face turned whiter.

When did you come back, like a ghost, without a sound?

"I had prepared it all for you ..."

Seeing being hit in the face, Ma Sanhu even talked unfavorably.

"Close it up, if you are greedy for these few gross tickets, you still have your life?" Fang Buwei chuckled.

Toad yawns, you're quite loud?

Ma Sanhu instinctively thought that Fang was not bragging, but where did he dare to argue with Fang?

This is the true wealth of all family members. All his hard work in Shanghai has been here.

Is this person unwilling?

Is it ready to run out and then kill, and then steal the money?

But look at this person, as if he really looks at money like dung?

So far, what can Ma Sanhu do?

Besides thinking wildly, you can only take one step at a time, pray for this "first killer", and really do what you say.

Even if all the money is taken away, leave him a life ...

"Take it away first, if you have the chance, go to Hong Kong to exchange ..." Fang Weiwei urged.

Ma Sanhu's savings all have branches in Hong Kong, so don't be afraid to leave Shanghai and become all waste paper.

"Oh, okay!" Ma Sanhu nodded fiercely, grabbed a bag, packed everything in it, and carried it around his neck.

This is all his possessions, most of which are the certificates of deposit and cashier's checks of the major banks in Shanghai.

Zhaizi can't help it, only cheap Japanese ...

After 7 o'clock, after Luca and the patrol team withdrew, Fang Buwei continued to dress up as a driver and went to the hotel not far from Madang Road to pick up He Jianying.

The three went to Father King's Road first, and in the house where He Jianying had rented before, he hid a few things. Later, He Jianying found the landlord and paid the rent for three months at a time.

With He Jianying here, the next step is to send them out of town.

There was Ma Sanhu's face, all the way naturally unimpeded, the Japanese gendarmerie on Luca, at most, searched for any entrainment in the search car, and there was no doubt that the other party was not with He Jianying.

At about nine o'clock, the trolley arrived at Zhuqiao Town on the border of Jiading, Taicang, and Kunshan.

There was a small steamer parked on the shore, and there were several wooden barrels on the deck. Inside was the catfish that had just been salvaged from the Liuhe River and was jumping around.

Liu Geqing dressed up as a fisherman and stood on the bow with his hips.

In the early morning of last night, Shanghai Station received an urgent notice from the Chongqing headquarters again. Ma Chunfeng personally called Wang Tianmu and ordered him to arrange effective personnel. This morning, he welcomed two important personnel in Zhuqiao Town, boarded the ship from Taicang Pier, and escorted to Chongqing .

Seeing the trolley, Liu Geqing guessed that the two escorted today are the same people as the two women and a child yesterday.

Because it's still this car, or a horse.

The other one did not know, but Liu Geqing knew that this one was more important than Ma Sanhu.

Because Ma Chunfeng had confessed in the telegram, the escort staff had to take this person's order as the basis before arriving in Chongqing.

Fang Buwei still didn't get out of the car and explained to He Jianying and Ma Sanhu across the window.

"Must be fast!" Fang Buwei looked at his watch. "Now it's nine o'clock, and no later than ten o'clock, I will execute the next step. If you haven't boarded the ship at that time, you may not be able to walk ..."

Jiading is not too far from Taicang Pier. The Japanese will definitely think of blocking the waterway. Once the pier is blocked, He Jianying and Ma Sanhu can only follow Wang Tianmu to fight guerrillas.

"should be no problem!"

He Jianying groaned: "Ferry tickets are all bought, and you can get on the boat when you get to the dock. Another one, Taicang is also a small place. Before you start, the Japanese will not pay attention to this ..."

"Hmm!" Fang Buwei nodded. "Then go all the way!"

He Jianying nodded his head heavily, holding Fang Weiwei's hand tightly.

Only he knows best what Fang Buwei has done in the past three days. After they leave, Fang Buwei will do nothing.

The most dangerous thing is him.

"Thank you, take care!" He Jianying was so excited that he even trembled.

"Don't worry about me!" Fang Buwei smiled, and looked at Ma Sanhu, who was a bit unwilling.

Until now, Ma Sanhu was a little disbelieving. Will this person really send himself to Chongqing?

He is all ready to give up his entire net worth.

"Don't think about it, no one will grind and kill the donkey!" Fang Buxi laughed at Ma Sanhu and explained to He Jianying, "After all, it's too much effort. After arriving in Chongqing, you should take care of it ..."

Not surprisingly, after arriving in Chongqing, He Jianying will definitely be promoted, saying that it is the one that has been promoted to two or three levels.

As for Ma Sanhu, it is hard to say, and his life will not be lost, but if no one speaks for him, it is estimated that there is not much left in his wealth, so Fang Weiwei would say so.

"I wrote it down!" He Jianying replied.

"Let's go!" Fang Buwei waved his hand.

After the two turned around and walked towards the shore, Fang not started the car and headed south.

"Hello ..." Although Ma Sanhu was recognized, the procedure that should be followed must be followed. Liu Geqing meticulously matched He Jianying's secret code.

All the procedures were okay. Liu Geqing asked his men to board the board, and He Jianying and Ma Sanhu got on board.

"Who is that?" Liu Geqing finally couldn't hold back, pointing to the direction in which the car was leaving.

Although the lengths are different, Liu Geqing suspects that this driver should be the same driver as yesterday.

Driving skills are great.

"A friend!" He Jianying smiled slightly.

Liar, right?

Liu Geqing pouted his lips.

Although he didn't hear what the driver said to the two when leaving, but looking at the attitude of the two, Liu Geqing could guess that the driver was the superior of the two.

Doesn't it look like Ma Sanhu is fast folding his waist to 90 degrees?

(End of this chapter)