The spy hunting

Chapter 1265: Planting Loot (Fifteen)

Chapter 1265: Planting Loot (Fifteen)

This car was too conspicuous, and it was also used to perform for the Japanese, so Fang did not dare to drive directly to Taicang, and only let Wang Tianmu send someone to pick up He Jianying and Ma Sanhu.

He controlled the time. At about ten o'clock, the car drove to Jiading County.

The car didn't go to the street where Boss Hu's shop was located, but just turned around the main intersection.

Seeing the street not far, a Japanese agent dressed as a common man looked at the car with a probe, and Fang Buwei pulled the corner of his mouth and blasted off the throttle.

The agent looked at the rear lights, frowned, and turned to report to his superior.

"Sir, a car stopped on the street two minutes ago ..."

In this era, the car is really a rarity. Although Jiading is very close to Shanghai, it is actually a country in the real world. Rarely, a car is seen on weekdays.

"Car?" The head of the agent jumped in his mind. "Have anyone come down?"

"No, just for about two minutes on the street!" The agent shook his head.

Is it passing by?

Although thinking so, the spy chief did not dare to care.

"You go and ask, where have the cars stopped?"

Minister Suga has solemnly explained that today it is likely that there will be special agents from Zina to spy on the news.



Half an hour later, the car went out again.

As in Jiading County, after successfully attracting the attention of Wang Feng's Japanese spy, Fang was disappointed and the car moved westward ...

"Car, why is it a car?"

Suga Yanjiro is hiding in a small restaurant in Jiading County.

Half an hour ago, he just received a report from the agent lurking around Boss Hu's shop, waiting for the big fish to hook up, saying that a Buick car appeared in Jiading County, less than 200 meters away from Boss Hu's shop. Paused.

But the car was moving at once, and those agents could not chase after they wanted to chase.

Thinking that the car hadn't come down, didn't stop too much, didn't probe near the store, and was afraid that it would cause grass and snakes after a big noise, so Suga Hikojiro didn't send someone to chase.

But only half an hour later, a small car appeared near Dachang Town Primary School?

It was also stopped for a minute or two. When I saw someone observing, I increased the throttle and ran ...

It can never be a coincidence.

"Where's the car?" Suga Yanjirou asked Shen Shen with a sound.

"It's gone!" Replied the special leader of Dachang Town Elementary School.

He also made the same mistake as Suga Hikojiro, thinking that it was just a car, just stopped, and no other actions were considered to be passing.

"What car?"


"What is the license plate number?"

"Ah ... I didn't see clearly!"

Can see the fart, Fang did not get mud to drank it early.

"Hachi, send someone to chase ..." Suga Hiroji angered.

"Ah ..." The agent's boss suddenly stunned. "That car has been on the road for ten minutes, and it's extremely fast ..."

More than ten minutes.

When the agent at the street saw the car, he returned to report to the boss, and then the leader sent someone to find out if the car had stayed elsewhere, if he had asked anything on the street, and then returned to the boss, and the boss gave Suga Hikojiro called ...

Fang Buwei already drove the windmill more than 20 kilometers away.

"Which way did you go?" Suga Hiroji asked with anger.

Suka Hirojiro is clear that the main responsibility lies with himself.

If the agents in Jiading County reported to him, he would be slightly more sensitive, and it would be completely blocked when the car arrived in Dachang Town.

But what's the use of regretting so much now?

"Going south, you are heading south ..." As for the direction of the car leaving, the spy chief was still very sure.

South, is this coming to Shanghai?

But not necessarily.

All the local public offices and police stations, as well as the gendarmerie in the city, can now be notified to pay close attention to the movement of this car.

Suka Hirojiro called Baoshan, Zhabei and other places at the fastest speed.

When Suga Yanjiro finished calling the ministries, Fang Weiwei had already reached Kunshan County.

"Boss, make a call!" Fang Buwei parked the car on the busiest street in the county seat, and behind the car was a shop with a public phone.

"Okay, sir, you can use it ..." the shop owner nodded and said.

This year, the ability to drive a small car is not much different from the later generations that can drive a private jet. The owner of a small shop dare not worry.

Fang Buwei took out a dollar and bombarded the boss, then waved gently.

The shop owner thoughtfully walked two steps and ran out of the store.

He understood that the guest didn't want to hear from him while he was on the phone.

"Dingling zero ..." The telephone in Dachang Town Primary School suddenly rang.

"Hey!" An on-call agent in the telephone room grabbed the microphone casually. He thought it was a regular phone just like before.

"Hello, let me find Teacher Lin!" Fang Buwei said, imitating He Jianying's voice.

The agent was shocked, his eyes widened by three points, and he kicked quickly on the partner's chair and made another gesture.

The companion awakened, and followed the tape recorder.

"Who are you looking for?" The agent asked.

"Lin Wenzhou, instructor Lin Wenzhou who teaches Chinese!" Fang Buwei repeated again.

"Ah, it's so unfortunate!" The agent screamed pretendingly. "In the morning, the principal took him to the Zhabei Public Affairs Office to work, maybe he can come back in the afternoon or at night ..."

"Did he leave in the morning?" Fang Buwei smiled and asked again.

"Yes, yes, I just left for work in the morning ..." the agent replied, "You see, if you have something, you can leave a message. When he comes back, I will tell him or leave a contact ..."

"No!" As soon as the three words were finished, Fang Buwei hung up the phone.

"Staring at the phone, I'll report to the team leader ..." The agent dropped the phone and ran away.

Fang Buwei's second phone call to Jiading County.

In order to facilitate contact, Mr. Hu's shop already has a telephone, and Fang Weiwei called this number.

In order to hide people's eyes, the store is still operating normally. The man hired by boss Hu is watching the store. There are two special agents watching him.

As soon as the phone rang, the two agents were startled and caught the guys as fast as possible. This phone is not like the one in Dachang Town Elementary School. Everyone calls in every day. This is the first time in three days that the phone has been ringing. The spy does n’t have to guess. It ’s 100% for boss Hu. .

"I'm looking for Boss Hu!" Fang Buwei said immediately.

(End of this chapter)