The spy hunting

Chapter 1266 Planting Loot (Sixteen)

Chapter 1266 Planting Loot (Sixteen)

"I'm looking for Boss Hu!" Fang Buwei said immediately.

"He ... he went to buy it ..." the man read according to the lines that the secret agent had given him.

"Did you go to Shanghai? When did you?"

"It seems that I just went to Shanghai and left yesterday afternoon ..." the man returned.

Before he finished speaking, the phone stunned and was hung up.

Fang Buwei shook his mouth and smiled silently.

Almost, if it was a real liaison, I heard that two people were not there, and then I was stupid and knew that something was wrong.

The Japanese did not do this, and they could only use such words to fool them.

But there is nothing better to do, and there is no good way to deal with it.

Substitution fake?

Wear it in minutes.

If the call was really made by a contact, if the person who heard the call claimed to be Teacher Lin or Boss Hu, the first response of the correspondent was to the password. If the password is not correct, it is equivalent to telling the correspondent directly that the two people were exposed. ...

Thanks to Boss Hu, he just gritted his teeth and didn't explain anything.

Fang Buwei sighed again, dropped the microphone, and greeted the boss: "Well, boss, don't need to find money ..."

"Sir, please!" The shop owner's cheerful teeth were grinned out.

After driving around a circle, after seeing a bigger hotel, Fang Weiwei drove the car directly into the yard.

"Open a good guest room, half a month ..." Fang Fang took a few dollars on the counter as a kind of thick money, "" The rest is not necessary to find, it is the cost of storing the car. ... "

He pointed to the outside car again: "Find a storeroom, save the car for me, and drive again when you check out ..."

Fang Buwei's money was enough for one month. The owner of the hotel smiled cheerfully, knowing that he had met a customer: "Mr. Don't worry, I'll save it for you!"

"Give me the keys, I'll go up myself!"

Fang Buwei stretched out his hand, and the boss quickly handed him a key ...

He packed in advance and went upstairs unhurriedly.

Ten minutes later, no one noticed that the guest coming out of this room was originally a young man, but now he is a half-laden old man?

Fang Buwei was dressed like a rich man in the countryside, slowly walking around Kunshan City.

When I saw a public telephone, Fang Weiwei stopped and dialed the third number.

This number is for Ma Gongguan.

"I'm Ma Sanhu, and Suzhou is in a hurry. I want to go back and look at my home ..."

Fang Weiwei imitated Ma Sanhu's voice and explained to the housekeeper: "After the drunks wake up, let them not speak up!"

When the housekeeper agreed twice, Fang didn't hang up and dialed the fourth number.

"I'm looking for Master Wu Si ..."

"Yo, third brother? When the morning left, the fourth child still missed you ..." Man Manchun, who answered the phone, voiced a thick and charming taste.

Fang Buwei's tight throat made his voice sound a little rushed: "Manchun, where is the fourth child?"

"As soon as it dawned, I went to the dock to pick up your shipment ... guessed that you might have to call, and he also confessed to me, asking you, where should I deliver the goods?" Said Man Manchun.

"Send it to Kunshan ... I'm not very convenient, so I won't call the 76th, you tell me ..."

"Kunshan, so far?" Tong Manchun muttered.

"Not close, what if you run into the Japanese?" Fang Buwei replied.

"Well, I'll call him!"

Lu Manchun also knew that Ma Sanhu's shipment was to be shipped to Suzhou. It was not surprising that Ma Sanhu asked Wu Sibao to ship it to Kunshan for him.

She had no suspicion, and immediately picked up the microphone and called No. 76.

Coincidentally, Wu Sibao just returned from the wharf, counted the batch of tobacco soil that He Jianying requested, and pulled back the batch of goods Ma Sanhu asked for.

He was about to say hello to Li Shiqun, and then asked Ma Sanhu, when did the paying boss pick up the goods, and then asked him by the way, where should the morphine be delivered?

"Older brother, third brother said to let you go to Kunshan ..."

After all, the military products are sold, and the Japanese are resolutely afraid to know that Wu Sibao sold morphine to places outside Shanghai, so what Man Manchun said was vague.

But when Wu Sibao heard it, he understood what Man Manchun meant.

When he arrived in Kunshan, it only took him two hours to go. He didn't realize it: "Okay, I know!"

Wu Sibao hung up the phone and went to Li Shiqun again.

He only said he was going out. He didn't say where to go or what to do, but Li Shiqun immediately understood.

Li Siqun also contributed to Wu Sibao's proceeds from the sale of tobacco morphine.

"Go back quickly, be careful ..." Li Shiqun urged again.

He always felt that the Japanese had something wrong in the past two days, as if he was not too concerned about the assassination of Fu Xiaoyu, and was completely thrown to the 76th.

What were the extremely active special high classes, Harada Kumoshi, Suga Hikojiro, all gone?

"The director is relieved!" Wu Sibao answered with a grin.


Everything is done in people and everything is done in the sky. Next, we just wait for the wind and clouds to rise.

Fang didn't take a sigh of relief, settled his phone bill, called an rickshaw, and pulled him to Kunshan Railway Station.

More than half an hour later, a handsome man in a suit and leather shoes stepped on a train bound for Shanghai.

At this time, the Japanese consulate was almost in a mess.

Mr. Akagi is answering the phone and Suga Hirojiro is reporting to him.

The two were talking about the Buick car that appeared in Dachang Town and Jiading County at the same time.

"Witnesses said that there should be three people in the car, two in the back seat were not seen, but the driver was very young, at most twenty years old ...

The car first arrived in Dachang Town and then in Jiading County. They stopped at about 200 meters outside the target location, observed for two minutes, and then drove away ...

Someone saw that after the car left Dachang Town, it drove southward for about ten kilometers, and then turned westward ... I suspect that this car did not go to Shanghai at all ... "

This is obvious.

If there is a problem with the people in the car, if you come to spy on the situation of Teacher Lin and Hu, you must have discovered something, and you did n’t even dare to get off the car.

In this case, why did these people dare to run back to Shanghai?


Suga Hirojiro also said: "The car number is muddled, and the license plate number is not known for the time being, but this type of Buick is relatively rare. Even in Shanghai, there are not many ... I asked along the street, and I believe I will soon know where the car came from ... "

(End of this chapter)