I Am Really An African Chief

I Am Really An African Chief

Category : Urban Novel
Author : Full Metal Cartridge Case
Total chapters  : 683
Status : Continue
Update  : 15:41 10-03-2020
Love the blue sky, the blue sea, and the green grassland.

Lions, leopards, rhinos, and hippos, how can there be a flat-headed brother in Africa?

遛 Hyena, longitudinal zebra, and fierce eagle, in fact, riding a gallop is the king.

Servals, civets, tortoises, and long-tailed civets are jumping in the woods. Springbok, wildebeest, bison, and nyala are running on the grassland. Aardvarks, warthogs, lynxes and rock pythons are playing underground hole.

I drove a small river, gorillas came to drink water; I dug a pond, and the crocodile lurked; I planted a fruit tree, and the giraffe came to look at it; I set up a small stone mountain, and the crown eagle carved a nest.

The International Organization for Protection of Animal Husbandry is sponsoring, fighting against poaching teams of various countries with guns, and cleaning up the gang forces who want to take advantage. This is my territory. Anyone who comes must listen to me!

Hello everyone, this is Yang Shubao, this is Africa, and here is a new story.

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