Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Feast Of The Mountains And Rivers

Category : Romance Novel
Author : Return To The World
Total chapters  : 354
Status : Continue
Update  : 16:43 09-03-2020
[Introduction to a sentence]:

Mountain and river for the feast Xi pot is in my hand, married three times Xi husband, you go!

[Xiaoxiang Edition Introduction]:

Black Sesame Stuffed Snow Maiden vs. Dark Ingredients Leader.

Puppet silly white sweet cute female lead VS true obsessive virgo male lead.

The first time Wen Zhen met Yan Sui, Yan Sui was hung upside down on the opposite side of the dead body-it must be symmetrical!

The second time Wen Zhen met Yan Sui, Diane Fen fell into Dewclaws—borrowing pit people!

Yan Sui met Wen Zhen for the third time, and was sold to Xiao Yan Pavilion by Wen Zhen—Li Shang Shang Li.

Yan Sui met Wen Zhen for the fourth time.

In the culinary skill test, the examiner Yan Sui said: Come a saury noodle that is not barbed or manually barbed!

The prince was assassinated, and the murderer Wen Zhen said, "Your brother, Your Royal Highness Five Walls, don't be afraid to save me!"

Yan Sui: Let ’s get to know each other in pairs? Wen Zhen: Learn about poisoned rainbow farts?


You guessed it, this is the daily routine of pretending to be a black-hearted female lead and a neurotic obsessive-compulsive male lead.

As for the sugar boiled harem, the Chaotang white cut gate valve Dingcang Jiangshan ...

That's all by the way.

[Introduction to the Literary Edition]:

I saw the dust of this world rising to the sky,

And above the Nine Palace Palace,

Destiny waved, as Li Min's scroll.

And it's up to me.

Shallow pondering a dream, cooking Chaotang like Xiaoxian.

However, with the natural smile and willfulness, the horses beat the horses and flowers before the flowers. Come, come from all over the world.

Come to me, Hua Huan on earth, feast of mountains and rivers. ?

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