Little Farm Girl

Little Farm Girl

Category : Romance Novel
Author : Muyan Painting House
Total chapters  : 638
Status : Continue
Update  : 05:56 10-03-2020
With the end of the day and the human race off the line, Xie Xiaoning opened his eyes and became a little peasant girl of an unknown dynasty.

The earth became her portable space, stocking all human materials, ambitious to conquer the world, but was taught to be human by authority.

Xie Xiaoning had no choice but to farm first, then to do business, and slowly unlock the high-level materials in the space, and accidentally became a female overlord.

Xie Xiaoning: I do n’t have the power to bind chickens, I am cute and cute, I do n’t like to be rough, it is our village ’s hope.

The cannon fodder with blue nose and swollen face was furious: you touched your conscience and said it again?

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