Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Wang Ye Is A Soft Rice Man

Category : Romance Novel
Author : Cotton Dumplings W
Total chapters  : 201
Status : Continue
Update  : 07:28 09-03-2020
At first sight, she saw that he was handsome and romantic, forced to buy and sell, and could not help but sit and start the price.

Goodbye, arrest her for investigation, smoke the house, clear the opponent. Seeing his bloodthirsty madness, she shivered: never see again!

Who knows? Once he became his princess and was the master of the house, Wang Ye obediently ate soft rice.

In the night of the cave house, Xuanyuan Po eagerly opened the door of the cave house.

Xi Yan himself revealed the hipa, took off Feng Guanxia, ​​and sat cross-legged on the bed to count the dowry-piles of silver tickets, land deeds, and farm products.

Xuan Yuanbo looked at her princess, a small fortune fan, and smiled: "My king is lucky to have married a princess of a rich country. It seems that I can follow the princess to eat soft rice."

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