Wilderness Pet Evolution System

Wilderness Pet Evolution System

Category : Urban Novel
Author : One One Two Two Three
Total chapters  : 207
Status : Continue
Update  : 03:31 10-03-2020
Go through the rebirth and become a 60-year-old grandfather, standing at the top of the food chain with God's Pet Wilderness, just to tell you-your uncle will always be your uncle!

Favorite King Kong ants, sharing talents doubles unlimitedly, challenge the construction site to move bricks to become a net red!

God pets the magic mosquitoes, sharing talents, unlimited swallowing talents, challenge eating and broadcasting into the Internet stomach king!

God pets colorful swallowing pythons, sharing talents to evolve Shenlong, live live wilderness survival standing at the top of the food chain!

The god favors the dead wood mantis, sharing the talented blade will, becoming the world's first swordsman.

God pets the golden rat, sharing unlimited talent space to fold infinitely, and has portable space!

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