Legend Of Fuyao

Legend Of Fuyao

Category : Suspense Thriller
Author : East Current Entropy
Total chapters  : 195
Status : Continue
Update  : 05:29 11-02-2020
Ghost valley technique, contrary to destiny, damages yin and yang, the more full, the more damaged.

He's cricket, the most holy and evil, eating the world community cricket, must be dedicated to life.

Taihang East, the Assassin's League, takes the world as its seat and no one can enter the banquet.

Signing Huage, looking forward to the long-term, beauty Yiyi, how about three thousand weak water?

Riding in the clouds, full of bow swords, Han Hailan ran out of the Huns, and the iron hoofs sang and ran flat!

Establish Sanjin, sweep Liuhe, reborn Zhao Guo as the son, the beauty of the rivers and mountains to help

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