Petite Princess: My Husband Is A Monk

Petite Princess: My Husband Is A Monk

Category : Sci-fi Space
Author : Aguang Girl
Total chapters  : 123
Status : Continue
Update  : 03:48 11-02-2020
I believe that my favorite person is a world hero. One day, he will wear golden armor and step on colorful clouds. He will appear in the limelight and marry me.

This sentence made many girls sigh.

But Jiang Fei only felt that she was a dragon-slaying princess. One day, she would be wearing a large sword, holding a chain, and appearing in front of a prince insulted by evil dragons. After that, the two fell in love and were not shy or impatient.

But ... Prince, how did you become a monk?

Jiang Fei watched Her Royal Highness holding the scriptures all day long, researching the collection of ghost-painting symbols, and the resentment in her heart grew more and more. What's so good about these things of Lao Zizi!

God, please let go! Is it too late to kill the Prince?

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